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Change Your Inner Tune with Rapper Brotha James

Brotha James is a renown musician, rapper and speaker who marries cultivating a positive mindset and rapping into incredibly catchy, upbeat and affirming tunes. Brotha James is a musical messenger, a man on a mission to impact the world through the power of his music. He shares his winding journey becoming his ‘you-est you’ and how music, beyond financial freedom, brought real meaning to his life to pursue his passion of creating uplifting, inspirational and meaningful music: “I believe music is a tool people can use both to empower themselves and to gain access to heightened emotional intelligence. When we use this tool, we feel more connected, inspired and fulfilled.” Over the last three years, he has played over 500 live concerts for audiences of all ages, in all sorts of places. Whether an individual empowerment event, a school assembly, a music festival, or a house concert, brotha James brings a positive and contagious energy to his audiences. He believes that “music is a universal language and it doesn’t matter your age, race or geographic location.” His music has spread through the states as well as countries like the United Kingdom, Australia and Israel. He is currently recording his second album ABRACADABARA with producer Carlos Sosa, who has toured the world with the likes of Jason Mraz, the Zach Brown Band, and Hansen. Join us at the end for a unique Brotha James jam session.

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