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Designing Your Destiny Through Human Design with DayLuna

Meet Shayna and Dana of DayLuna

Shayna Cornelius and Dana Stiles, Human Design experts and co-founders of DayLuna, are on a mission to empower the collective towards self-love, personal freedom, and radical authenticity. While they specialize in the realm of self-purpose and conscious entrepreneurship, they also dive deep into topics such as spirituality, parenting, and the new paradigm on their successful podcast, the DayLuna Human Design Podcast, which has generated over 850k downloads worldwide and has featured notable guests including Terri Cole, Debra Silverman, and Sahara Rose. 


Shayna and Dana feel passionately called to help spread the complex and life-changing science of Human Design to a broader community in a grounded and approachable way. Through their personalized Human Design ritual kits, personalized parenting blueprints, live readings, reader trainings, and video courses, they have curated many different playful yet informative offerings to help support individuals ready to step into their highest potential by honoring their unique energy. Human Design is gaining popularity as our collective evolves toward a new paradigm. Dana and Shayna have worked with over 1000 clients in this space and have been featured on podcasts, including Highest Self, The Lo Life, and Spiritual Shit, to share their expertise. The pair are both living and thriving in California and are the authors of ‘Your Human Design.’ 


What is Human Design?

In this episode, we’ll be talking about human design, a system of ancient modalities combining astrology elements, the I Ching, the Kabbalah, and quantum physics to help individuals understand their unique energetic makeup. Human Design synthesizes these systems to give you a detailed energy blueprint to help you navigate your life authentically and align with your purpose.


Human Design is a system channeled by a man named Ra Uru Hu in 1987.


It combines various mystical and scientific traditions to create a map of each individual’s unique energetic blueprint.


The system is based on the idea that each person has a specific role to play in the larger cosmic plan and that understanding their individual design can help them fulfill that role more effectively.


How does human design work?

Human design uses an individual’s birth information to calculate their “body graph,” a visual representation of their energetic makeup. The body graph includes information about the person’s type, strategy, authority, centers, channels, gates, and lines. Each of these elements provides insight into different aspects of the person’s personality, strengths, challenges, and purpose.We discussed this in greater depth in this conversation.


How Can Human Design Help With Living Your Best Life?

Human design can help individuals understand themselves on a deeper level and make decisions that align with their unique nature. It can also help people navigate relationships, career choices, and life transitions more effectively. By recognizing and honoring their individual design, people can live more authentically and fulfill their potential.


The 5 Types In Human Design

You’ll want to fill out the Human Design assessment, which includes your birthdate, time of birth, and city of birth, to determine your unique type. There are 5 main Human Design types that Shayna and Dana explain in greater depth.


Manifestor: This is a rare type, as less than 10% of the population are manifestors. A manifestor has a powerful aurora that is all about impact, inspiring others, initiating, and then backing off to let others finish. They are the fire starters. 


Generator: Generators make up 35% of the population and have an energetic, open and enveloping aura. They propel the world forward and use their creative life force energy to build what they love. They must do what lights them up and respond by using their body, not their mind, to know if something is aligned or not. 


Manifesting Generator (aka MG or Man-Gen): Manifesting Generators make up 30% of the world population and possess a surplus of creative life force energy to start and follow through with building and creating new things. They have fire starter energy and need variety to use their energy, otherwise they get bored easily. They must also respond by listening to their body response, not their mind.


Projector: Projectors are 20% of the population and are here to guide the energy of others. Their aura is to see into the other person and guide them. They can get burned out quickly and need to work less but more efficiently. They highly value sharing insight and guidance and need to wait for an invitation before responding. There has to be energetic consent. 


Reflector: Reflectors are the rarest type with only 1% of the population falling into this category. Their aura and energy is highly empathetic as they take in energy from everyone and amplify the energy around them. They are like a chameleon and experience everything and nothing. Their sacred purpose is to be a mirror of others and need to show down and wait 28 days before making a decision. 


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