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Dr. Betty Sue O’Brian on Mapping Your Health Through Your Eye

Dr. Betty Sue received her naturopath degree from the School of Natural Medicine in Boulder, CO before she retired as an instructor at Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College.  Upon her retirement, she soon began practicing Naturopathic Medicine in Biloxi, MS, where she shared an office with a Physical Therapist; later, she opened a health food store.  Even though these venues offered many outlets for teaching self care, she wanted to educate more people to be self actualized and fully in charge of their own health outcomes; it is this desire that lead her to becoming a Diplomat Instructor for the International Iridology Practitioners’ Association.  Looking for an online format for her classes, led her to a joint partnership with Dr. Wanda Seitz, of Myrtle Beach, NC in SINH – the Southern Institute of Natural Health.  She is elated to bring the therapies and practice of naturopathy to her students: current, past and present.  


Dr. Betty Sue has five books:

  • Six Weeks to a Healthy Lifestyle
  • Going Green…The Smoothie Way
  • Causations: Using Iridology to Clarify Sclerology
  • Iridology: The Core Curriculum

* Healthy Substitutions For Foods We Love To Eat


We discussed so much about the wisdom that’s embedded in our body – in our eyes, teeth, tongue, ears and everywhere really. It means getting a bit more still, taking time to tune in and incorporating some of these amazing tips to live with more energy, health and wellbeing. First off, iridology (for those of you who weren’t sure) is the mapping of the iris to better understand your health. The eyes are the window to the brain and  your health.


Some of Dr. Betty Sue’s healthy lifestyle suggestions (her top 10 is found in her book, Six Weeks To a Healthy Lifestyle)

  1. Stimulate your skin and lymph system every day. Brush your skin with a brush and then rub it with coconut or avocado oil before you bathe.
  2. Bounce for at least 60 seconds every day to stimulate your lymph system
  3. Scrape your tongue every day, ideally with a metal tongue scraper (getting mine now) 🙂
  4. Take quiet time every day, pause and breathe in your belly
  5. Put your feet above your head every day for at least 5 minutes. This helps with your drainage and circulation.


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