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How to Get on TV and Add Value with Christina Daves

Hey there, beautiful soul family. As you know, I strive to bring you amazing guests with tales of beating the odds and whose will and mindset are a testament to great faith. Seeing others walk before us helps to motivate us in the areas where we struggle, which is why I love having a wide variety of inspirational guests. Today we are talking about marketing. How to go from the little fish in a big pond to the big whopper.


Meet Christina Daves

Christina Daves is a repeatedly successful entrepreneur, award-winning inventor, best-selling author, and infectiously energetic speaker. She has sought out opportunities in event planning, land development, retail, and fashion and pursued them with the work ethic that makes her an inspiration. As many business owners know, starting out small leaves little money for marketing. With a fledgling business and a running clock, Christina developed the PR skills in under one year to launch herself and her company into national recognition. Through her two best selling books, The DIY Guide to FREE Publicity and PR For Anyone, and her constant speaking appearances, Christina aids owners and employees to take the small steps required to see success and seize it.


A Change of Mindset

Christina shared an inspiring story of hope and endurance when she missed her opportunity to be on Shark Tank that would have catapulted her sales and turned her business into a success. And while she did battle with despair for 5 months, her belief in herself and her product helped change her mindset. She was convinced that everything would work itself out.


How to Get on TV

Christina may have missed the chance to be on Shark Tank, but she wasn’t finished yet. She had a thirst to crack the code to marketing and learn all she could about PR. She figured out the secret of how to get TV appearances, how to get your name in the media, and expand your platform. Learning that secret helped her win $20,000 in the inventor competition on the Steve Harvey show. Today she is a huge success, and it started with a missed opportunity on Shark Tank.

5 Tips for How to Improve Your Public Relations

[15.20] 1) You have to be “famous” in your industry

[16:30] 2) Start small. Look to print media first, and then it’s easier to pitch television.

[20:05] 3) Start local. Find your local personality anchors and reporters to reach out to and cultivate a relationship with.

[21:27] 4) Know how the media operates and do your homework on local segments that are relevant to your work. Always see how you can add value to the audience.

[21:54] 5) Research what is being covered and where you might be able to share your gifts and be of service and value to their show.


Final Thoughts

Christina reminds us that you have to be willing to do the work and invest time in yourself and your business, but you can never be afraid to ask. When pitching yourself and your business, you have to get comfortable pitching to different media outlets. And while you may sometimes hear rejections, nobody wants to see you fail. Adopt that mindset, and it will all work out!


Sacred Connection

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