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How to Never Abandon Yourself Again with Lucy Shahjahan

Lucy Shahjahan is a love coach who works with women globally. Growing up in Sydney, Australia, Lucy has always had a taste for adventure; from working on a pearling boat after she left school, to tending bars through her late teens, a ski instructor in Whistler, to a ‘real job’ as a creative in the Advertising industry, not to mention her time as a radio host. Lucy has always been a people person. Her smile brightens up any room and her laugh is infectious.

At the age of 31 she moved to New York City to follow her dream of acting. She worked in film and theater, loving every second of being on stage, but after performing her one woman show off-Broadway playing Hillary Clinton, she knew there was a deeper calling inside her. That’s when she took the plunge and started her business teaching women how to be their own soulmate so they can attract love and live their best life.


Lucy’s personal journey inspired her to create her signature program that helps women heal at a soul level from low self-worth, trauma, abandonment, disbelief and major lack of trust so that they can attract their soulmate and thrive in every area of their life. After years of continued success with her signature online program, Lucy realized the time was right to pen her first book, I’m Done, to share her process with millions of women around the world.


Let Go of Self-Doubt

This was really a conversation about following your heart, no matter how far it takes you, and listening to those dark nights of your soul as a real wake up call to live in the light. Lucy shared her concept of being your You-est You as everything just falling into place when we stay true to who we are. After stripping back the layers and conditioning is where you’ll find what’s yours and what’s not, and who you are and who you’re not. It’s easy to get caught in a web of who you think you should be. We talked about how to stay clear of that false alluring web that will never provide what you’re really looking for.


Don’t just sit on your gifts and magic

Lucy shares how she left her perfect life and job, on paper, quit her job, left Australia and packed up to go to NYC. After her massive wake up call at 31, she realized it was time to get out of her own way and start living on the edge of her heart. She got ‘all in with her dream’ and was clear what she was asking the Universe. Here’s the question that changed everything:


What Do You Desire?

  1. She asked herself, “What do you really want?
  2. Then she listened and stopped outsourcing other’s opinions.
  3. She finally said “I’m Done” and had the willingness to step into her bigness.
  4. Being done is a powerful gift. 


So, dear listener, What do you really want? What are you done with so that you can make space for something greater?


Do share with me and our soul family in the You-est You Facebook Community for Soul Seekers. We’d love to hold the space for you to step into your fullest self- expression. I think it’s time we all start doing this, and just know we’ve all got your back (and front).

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