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How to Step Into Your Power with Love with Michelle Baxo


Hello, hello, beautiful soul! I am so grateful to have you here and appreciate connecting with you. I love bringing you enlightening guest speakers that share insightful strategies and stories of success. Today I have for you Michelle Baxo. She tells us how to make the amazing transformation from powerless to powerful.


Meet Michelle

Michelle Baxo helps high-achieving women go from powerless to powerful in every aspect of life, love, and business. Michelle’s passion for helping people create the life of their dreams started from her own personal journey from successful but single to empowered and in love. Michelle has been featured in Forbes, and her advice is found in CHCH, Cosmopolitan, and INSIDER. Michelle has also been interviewed as an expert in countless summits and her articles have been published in Dreams Recycled and Thrive Global. Her new book Power Love Dating is now available.


Michelle, located in Toronto, Canada, is available to speak on topics such as empowerment, confidence, self-love & acceptance, dating & relationships, communication, mindset, and online business.


Creating a Success Plan

When living your best life and moving from a place of mediocrity to stepping into your power, you have to access both a healthy passion and love in your life. To assess where you are on the feeling your power spectrum, Michelle recommends starting with these questions:

Where do you lose power?

[13:06] Ask yourself and get in conversations with others about this question. You’ll want to look at where you’re having a loss of power and dig in deeper about why or how you got there.

Who will I be for myself and why?

[15:46] Create your three why’s to explore who you are committing to be: 1. Why is this important for me? 2. What is essential for that person? 3. Why is this important for the world?

Where do I feel lost, stuck or stale?

[19:44] This is often a great question to get a loss of power in your life and start making meaningful changes.


Creating a Success Plan for Love

As for accessing love, it’s about telling ourselves how important connection and love is. This means being vulnerable and keeping our heart open, versus putting up the wall of protection. It’s about reconnecting to yourself and giving time and space to listen to your heart. Most importantly, stop being so hard on yourself and get aligned with what matters to you. You can do this by visualizing yourself feeling supported by the Universe or filled with a sense of grace and peace.


Final Thoughts

If you were to die tomorrow, what would you regret not doing? Take committed action, balancing it with inner work. Life is not a pretty box, and we are always navigating to recreate the situation we dream of. To step into your power with love, it takes great honesty within yourself. Look deep and acknowledge that there is strength in being vulnerable while instilling boundaries.

Sacred Connection

As always, this community is a sacred, safe place built on love and acceptance. It was created to help you evolve and expand into your highest self. Please share your wisdom, comments, thoughts, and I would love to hear what your word is for 2021. I love hearing from you and learning how you are being your truest, you-est you. Please join us in our Facebook group The You-est You® Community for Soul Seekers

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