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Learn These 4 Steps to More Joy with Chip Franks

Chip Franks, known as The Joy Guy and Chief Miracle Worker (CMW) of the Miracle Morning community with #1 bestselling author, Hal Elrod, is quite possibly one of the most appreciative, kind and joyful people on the planet. Chip wasn’t always able to feel this way and struggled in the past with depression and then having a stroke in the past five years. Chip shares some incredible wisdom about how to have more joy, gratitude and to deepen the sweetness of your life.
The 4 Joy Pillars:
  1. Activate appreciation in ALL things (easier said than done, this is a daily practice)
  2. Affirmed philosophy – learning to feel the divine timing of everything
  3. Abundance and adding to your life – bettering yourself through positive personal development
  4. AOk acts of kindness – do one act of kindness every single day. This will raise your joy quotient!
Intuition: Chip’s take is that intuition is the gateway where God speaks to you and is always for your best.
10x your Gratitude and Gratitude Practice:
  • Chip recommends doing this practice every day in the morning and evening. Ask yourself these 5 simple questions and journal on each of them: 1. Gratitude for something profound 2. Gratitude about something you take for granted 3. Gratitude for Divine Cherishing (something you could consider bad, but looking for a blessing behind it) 4. Gratitude on people, places, things 5. Gratitude for an experience, or person, place or thing.
  • Wear a coin in your shoe. Sounds odd, but Chip has been doing this for over 5 years and it’s a great reminder everytime he feels the coin to be grateful, present and mindful. He said it reminds him to allow God to show through his actions.
  • Set a joy alarm every day at a time when you feel most sluggish. Chip’s joy alarm says “I’m so very blessed!” and plays the song ‘It’s a wonderful world’, to remind him to stay in that space of gratitude, connection and joy.
Download your free copy of the Joy Practices Worksheet at for a checklist you can use daily.


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