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Meet Sue B. Zimmerman, The Instagram Expert

Meet Sue B. Zimmerman

Sue B. Zimmerman, also known as The Instagram Expert, is the creator of the most comprehensive online Instagram course, Ready Set Grow. Over the past 8 years, Sue B. has helped business owners turn Instagram into their most effective marketing platform, teaching them how to grow their Instagram following. She’s been featured on Netflix, spoken on prominent stages all over the world, and helped thousands of people exceed their bottom lines with her courses and Instagram coaching. Sue B. lives and breathes her belief that you’re never too old and it’s never too late to make an impact on Instagram. You can find her on Instagram @TheInstagramExpert.

The Instagram Expert

For all those of you entrepreneurial souls who might fear or even loathe Instagram, you are going to learn in this episode why it’s an incredibly valuable tool and how it can help expand your reach and grow your Instagram following. I had such a fun conversation with Sue B. Zimmerman, who is truly known as the Instagram Expert and has every right to claim this title. With over 130K followers and true fans on Instagram, she is here to share that you can do this at any age — just make sure you are coming from authenticity and joy. Speaking of joy, Sue, a serial entrepreneur without a business degree but with lots of success, wisely shared that joy is the most important energy to align with. She has used this question of, ‘what brings me joy?’ over the past 30 years as she has built numerous 7 figure businesses doing what she loves. I have to say, I was so inspired by Sue and I think you will be too.

Why Instagram is so Powerful

Sue says to think of Instagram as a micro-website. It has a search engine, or SEO (search engine optimization), just like a website, and allows you to reach the masses, share offerings, and make a promise. She explains that the bio is where you make your promise, and it’s important to create one where you are talking to your ideal person and putting in content that is relatable. You want to make sure to add what’s in it for those who follow you. Presently there are over a billion people on Instagram…that’s a lot of souls to connect with! It is important now more than ever to learn how to grow your Instagram following for large-scale impact. 

The Five Neighborhoods of Instagram

Sue B. Zimmerman gave us an overview of the Five Neighborhoods of Instagram and it helped me so much. I’ll be honest, while I know how to do the basic posting and a random story here and there, my relationship with Instagram has been kind of rocky. It’s kind of been a bit of love and apathy. I learned from our conversation ways to make it a bit less intimidating and that much more fun, and dare I even say, joyful. If you have a business or even a side gig, I think it’s worth it to tune in to the full episode. I’m certainly committing to being more connected to the genuine power of Instagram. 

Final Thoughts

Sue B. Zimmerman has so much insight to share regarding how to grow your Instagram following. The title of The Instagram Expert was well earned. If you haven’t followed her on Instagram be sure to click the link below and give the episode a listen for more juicy bits on expanding your reach and looking like a pro on Instagram.

Sacred Connection

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