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Revolutionizing Midlife Crisis for Women with Dr. Amanda Hanson

Meet Dr. Amanda Hanson

Dr. Amanda Hanson is a clinical psychologist turned transformational life coach for women. Her brand Revolutionizing Midlife is about redefining and reclaiming what it means to be a woman 40+. She is a self-proclaimed paradigm shifter & her contagious approach is one of the limitless possibilities. Where most see roadblocks, she sees opportunities.


If you’re soon approaching 40 or already in your 40s and beyond, or if you know a woman who is in her 40s, this episode is a must-listen. We got deep into how to start redefining a midlife crisis for women, what it looks like, and how to view aging. You will definitely come away from this episode empowered and, I hope, ready to love whatever age you are.


Redefining Midlife

It’s time to redefine and revolutionize midlife. When you look up the word midlife, most likely next to it, you’ll see the word crisis. Sadly, women are again not as valued in our society and much of the world. We have two choices in how we want to embrace our age and shifting experiences as we get older – we can come from love or from fear. Dr. Amanda Hanson talked a lot about her realization that she was coming from fear. It was while getting her hair dyed that she looked around and saw what looked like a row of women asleep at the wheel, conforming to a greater societal double standard of the need to keep looking young at all costs. The entryway to a mid-life crisis for women. She decided that day never to dye her hair again and start loving every inch of grey and silver hair on her head, no matter what. Amanda is on a mission to help women in midlife reprogram their nervous system and reclaim, rejuvenate, rediscover, and reimagine a new, empowering, loving, and kind reality. 


Overcoming Toxic Beauty Culture

To overcome anything, you first have to look and see where you are living by values or standards that aren’t yours. Are you doing something, buying a product, or something that really isn’t aligned with your ideals around taking care of your health, body, and wellbeing? For Dr. Amanda Hanson, she realized that she didn’t want to put botox in her skin or dye in her hair. Instead, she wanted to focus on changing the relationship from within so that she could find love and respect for herself exactly as she is and as she ages. I have a deep level of respect for this kind of pursuit and am on a similar trajectory. How about you? How might you create a deeper level of respect and honor for yourself? Without shaming or judging yourself, or others, ask yourself how you might be buying into a toxic beauty culture — be it thinking you have to look or be a certain way. You might ask yourself, do I really think that, or have I been conditioned to think this way? The real question then is, are you willing to do this kind of inner self-work. Dr. Amanda reminds us that this deep, profound work is only for those who are willing.


How to Create a Squeaky Clean Mindset

Dr. Amanda Hanson talked about her super intentional mindset and how she starts every morning with a powerful affirmation. She says to herself, “Good morning, beautiful! I love you. You are a goddamn miracle.” How might you implement an affirmation like this into your morning routine? Don’t allow trash in your mindset, including your own thoughts. It’s about creating intimacy within yourself, which of course, will always translate into having more intimate relationships and compassion in your outer world as well. 

Final Thoughts

When dealing with a midlife crisis for women, the first step is loving yourself at the core. That means recognizing who you are and accepting yourself for that version of yourself. To throw back the toxic beauty culture and just BE instead of chasing the unattainable. Simply BEing is where happiness lies. 

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