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The Ingredients & Recipe for Success with Dr. Cortney Baker

Dr. Cortney Baker is an award-winning entrepreneur, podcast host, researcher, author, TEDx speaker, and a nationally-recognized authority on women’s leadership. Her experience founding and growing KidsCare, a multi-million dollar enterprise that has provided healthcare to over 50,000 children with special needs from Texas to Colorado, offers her the unique opportunity to leverage her depth of expertise to help women who are positions similar to the one she was in 15 years ago. In her work, Cortney helps mentor millenial women side hustlers to transition to CEO of their business, something many of them can find very scary.

You can learn more about Cortney and the work she does at She has been featured on FOX News, iHeart Radio, Huffington Post, and Forbes, and has spoken internationally for organizations, Fortune 500 companies, associations, and entrepreneurs.

Courtney is a stand for women leaders to have the courage, confidence and faith in themselves to step forward and follow their dreams. We talked a lot about listening to your intuition and doing the next right thing. Here business, KidsCare, now has 650 employees in 11 cities, in 3 states helping kids with disailities with their speech, movement and phsyical functioning.

Some nuggets of wisdom from our talk:

  • Don’t pack up your dreams adn put them away in a box. Take the box off the shelf, dust it off if you have to and find out what your dreams are. 
  • Don’t just know your ‘why’, also know your because. Courtney wanted to be a successful female leader because in addition to helping children with disabilities, she wanted to show her two daughters what’s possible
  • Confidence arises from the intersection of courage to know your purpose and faith to walk in your purpose.
  • We all have an inner connection to God (your higher self, higher power or whatever you call it). We are all chosen to do something in this lifetime and it’s our job to listen.

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