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Your Life and Your Values with MaryBeth Hyland

MaryBeth Hyland believes that we all share the desire to know and return to our authentic selves – at work, home and within.  On a quest to become a bonafide cowgirl and retreat owner, she works with individuals, couples, and organizations to create a deeper sense of purpose through value-based lifestyles and workplace cultures. Learn more at

MaryBeth shares incredible wisdom about how to tap into your values to guide and transform your life. Here are some of the great take-aways from our conversation. 


  1. To find out your core values, spend a full day with a notebook where you jot down everything that makes you feel exhilarated, joyful, high energy, alive and grateful and conversely everything that makes you feel drained and negative. Distill your experiences and find the one word to describe what you observe. For example, if you especially loved spending time drawing with your daughter, a value might be creativity.
  2. You’re not drained because you’re doing too much, you’re drained because you’re doing too little of what energizes you. Tap into what gives you energy and do more of that.
  3. We also discussed healing, shamanism and finding your power animal to help guide you. As MaryBeth explains, Shamanism is really the applied wisdom of nature and spirit guides for greater healing.
  1. A great tree healing practice is to go into nature, feel the presence of a tree that you connect with. In your own thoughts, you’ll introduce yourself to the tree, such as I’m Julie Diane Reisler, the daughter of Helene and Ron Reisler, and then ask ‘May I be in ceremony with you?’. After feeling a sense of connection from the tree, you will place your hands on the trunk, feet on the roots (if you can) and third eye (space between your brows) on the trunk. Give a color to the energy you want to release, then visualize the tree filling you up with clear light fluid from your feet all the way up to your head.  Imagine that clear energy mixing with the color you chose and picture it rushing down out through your feet to the tree, allowing the tree to recycle your negative energy back to the earth. This has been a powerful practice for MaryBeth and her clients.

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