Gina Casbarro

Andrea Lee-Zucker

Life Designer® Coach, Artist, Activist

Andrea is a coach, artist, activist, and forever beginner on a journey to live with love and creativity in every layer of life. As a coach, she helps guide people towards bridging their hearts and their habits so they can live—in their fullest expression—in deeper harmony with themselves, their environments, and the universe. She believes we unlock our divine potential by leaning into exactly who we are, and this “unlocking” can be supported by working with ourselves, not against ourselves, in a process of joy, curiosity, faith, and powerful baby steps. Andrea helps guide people to access all of their forms of intelligence (mind, body, heart, gut, intuition, etc.) so they can discover the infinite wisdom already available to them. She is the mother of three children who are her daily teachers; the wife of a tech entrepreneur who pushes her mind’s bounds; and a grateful carrier of the stories and wisdom of generations of family who came before her.