Jennifer Underwood

Life Designer®️ Coach

As a Certified Life Designer® Coach I help you tap into your inner wisdom to unlock your  possibilities and create the life you’ve always dreamed of! 

Hi! I’m Coach JLeh.  

As a Certified Life Designer® Coach I take you on a thought-provoking process to help you co create with the Universe a life of joy and impact! I work with men and women who struggle with  saying “no” to what society expects of you so you can say “yes” to your true desires and design  the life you love. 

Simply put, in our coaching sessions I help you tap into your inner wisdom and strength. What  excites me the most is that all the answers are within you! 


Life coaching changed my life and my greatest desire is that it do the same for you. Just over  five years ago, I was planning my wedding, starting a new job as a school teacher, earning my  master’s degree, and trying to start a family. All the things I had dreamt of were coming to  fruition — the loving husband, the perfect job, the higher-education, the home and family. 

I should have been feeling happy and fulfilled. Yet, I was feeling the total opposite. I had  extreme resentment and anger which led to an anxiety attack, trouble sleeping, and pure  exhaustion. One Sunday afternoon, as I was getting the classroom ready to welcome my first  graders, I found myself on the floor, curled up in the fetal position, crying uncontrollably. And  what scared me the most was I did not know why! 

Why and how did I get to this place of desperation?  

The pivotal moment that changed everything was when, with the help of my life coach, I realized  I always have a choice to say “no.” More significantly, I realized the answers are ALWAYS  within me which has been transformational. What it boiled down to was, I did not know how to  ask for help and frankly, I did not know how to say “no” to social demands. I thought I could and  had to do it all. Along the way I had lost myself in complying with what others wanted of me. 

At that very moment I decided “No more! ME first.” 

It did not happen overnight. It certainly has been a journey of self-discovery, self-reflection, and  self-compassion. I am grateful for the tears I shed that Sunday afternoon because I went from  worrying about disappointing others to actually feeling at ease with my decisions. And today, I  am so grateful to have worked with a life coach who helped me shift my perspective and say  “yes” to what truly brings me joy.

I invite you to learn more about my Certified Life Designer® Coaching programs and how I may  be of service. 

With love & appreciation, 

Coach JLeh