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Kathy Batista

Life Designer®Coach, Mindfulness, Mindset, and Mood Coach for Women

Kathy Batista is the go-to coach for midlife women. She believes midlife isn’t just based on age – it’s a phase of life and can be your best one yet! By tapping into your values and strengths, you can take aligned action to create purpose and joy, leading to that, often missing, sense of fulfillment. Now is your time!

Having navigated midlife changes and shifts, Kathy offers guidance and compassion to women asking themselves, “Is this it?” or “What’s next?”. She enjoys sharing the tools of her growth with her clients and peers. 

With certifications in Life Designer Coaching, Thought Coaching, Quantum Time Technique, and Mindfulness Instruction, Kathy coaches women to discover their midlife magic through conscious healing and self-discovery. 

To uncover your midlife purposes and to find fulfillment, visit Kathy at and follow Kathy on Instagram and Facebook  @coachkathybatista.