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Kimberly Allain

Life Designer® Coach

Kimberly Allain is passionate about living purposefully and applies this credo in all areas of her life. For over 20 years, she has been helping individuals and organizations uncover and embrace their potential, craft their vision clearly, and strategize and identify effective life-giving ways to materialize those dreams.


She created Allain Solutions to provide coaching, consulting, and training services that support clients to grow and become their best. Her heart-centered leadership approach and lasting success co-creation methods are built on the belief that each of us can lead a successful integrated life when operating as our best selves, thus finding a greater sense of purpose, along with greater levels of energy, confidence, joy, and fulfillment. Happiness, success, and profitability are directly connected to our ability to draw forth the best from, with, and for each other. Through masterfully crafted questions and tools, she engages her clients to be curious and courageous and make intention-driven decisions anchored in the essence of what matters most.