Gina Casbarro

Laura Whitesel

Writing Essay & Life Designer®Coach

​Through a series of powerful questions and targeted writing assignments, you will learn from your life’s patterns and themes how to proceed with clarity and purpose.

Laura Whitesel uses her experience as a writing teacher, her training as a coach, and her intuition as a listener to help you identify themes and patterns in your life and to envision your future. Together you will create action steps to connect where you are now to where you want to be. There is no need to be a “good” writer–or even like writing. This is about opening to your truth and touching your future.

The coaching sessions (each followed by writing assignments) will result in a personal statement articulating who you are and where you want to go. This statement could be the seed of your profile for Linkedin, your “about the author” for your website, a dating app description, a future business endeavor, preparation for job interviews or career changes, a launching point for your retirement plans, a script for your guest speaking appearances, or a personal jumping off point.

Laura is a lifelong learner and holds an MA in English, and MEd in Curriculum Design, a Certificate in College Counseling, and one in Applied Positive Psychology. She is also a certified Life Designer Coach and a WOW Writing Essay Coach.