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A New Way To Heal Trauma with Bryan Hubbard

Meet Bryan Hubbard


Bryan Hubbard has an extensive and versatile background as a journalist, editor, publisher, and author of two books, including Time-Light. He is also the publisher and co-editor of the international magazine What Doctors Don’t Tell You, published in nine countries. Bryan developed his unique Time-Light therapy after suffering from chronic depression for more than a decade.  His understanding that the depression was the result of an abusive childhood didn’t lift it, but neither did the standard therapies, which at best provided only temporary relief. After spending years trying to understand what was driving the depression, one day he had an epiphany: the depression wasn’t different from its cause.  They were one and the same thing.  From that initial breakthrough—which was summarised in the words: ‘That to which you do not fully attend shall weigh you down’ that suddenly came to him, although from where he has no idea—his understanding went deeper. Today, at the core of the Time-Light therapy is the realization that time is energy.  Time is created by trauma, and time itself drives the depression, anxiety, and other so-called mental disorders that manifest from the trauma. Beyond even that, Time-Light explores how we are made up of three time-selves and the way they interact with each other. Ultimately, Time-Light is a spiritual therapy that returns us to our natural, and timeless, state. Learn more about Bryan and his work at 


Ok, when I say this conversation went deep, I mean get ready to dive deeper than most interviews have ever gone (I’m talking 100 ft deep). Bryan shares powerful channeled wisdom that helped him heal from his depression and childhood trauma of being emotionally and verbally abused by his father. There are a lot of concepts discussed here that require you to hold a wider lens focus and an open mind. I’m hoping this discussion will help you realize and actualize your ‘You-est You’ and remember that you always have a choice to be empowered and change your life at any time. My prayer is that you can start using some of the techniques shared here as a way to release your ‘past self’ and heal your relationship with time.


Adverse Childhood Experience & Trauma

Bryan shared both about his own troubling childhood growing up believing he was unwanted and with very little joy or connection in his family. He suffered from a lack of self-worth and depression. We know from many studies that Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) can change the shape of the brain, negatively affect the amygdala and cortex, and even lead to premature death. He had tried therapy and SSRI’s (anti-depressant drugs) and found neither to work well for him. During a down moment of despair and depression, he was struck by a powerful thought, what Bryan says felt like a purely channeled spiritual message. He heard the phrase “That which you don’t attend to will weigh you down”. Bryan shared that it felt like heard a missing divine law, like the 11th commandment. He decided to explore this deeper and ended up discovering that the issue is all around our relationship with time. As humans, we are not separate entities but instead are a creation of time. He realized that the problem or trauma and self are identical. The problem time expresses through us, is energy. Ok, you might be wondering what I mean here…hang in there, I’ll explain more.  


Time is Energy

Let’s level the playing field here. A core concept we discussed is that time is energy and doesn’t exist as we think it does. In other words, Bryan explained that in sum, time is a measurement of change. Time is relative to change. We don’t see the world as it is, per se, but as we perceive it (paraphrasing a famous quote here by Anaïs Nin). We don’t actually know what time is as time exists as energy.   


The 3 Aspects of Self

Bryan explains how we have three aspects of ourselves as it relates to time. 

  1. The Past Self – your past self is based on your psychological experiences, narrative (stories), and knowledge. Most people are living out their past selves in the present.

  2. The Present Self – who you are in this present moment, ideally free from past narratives and in connection with greater consciousness.

  3. The Potential ‘No Time’ Self – this is your full potentiality that is not related to time (think, your ‘You-est You’). Your ‘You-est You’ is you, without fear, as a true free spirit.  


Healing With Time-Light Therapy

The reality of who we are is that we’re all a unified whole. Time-light therapy gently changes your relationship with time, which in essence changes your relationship with the trauma, or messenger of time. Bryan has a 21-day program with a new exercise each day to help change your relationship with time and yourself. We discussed some of the most potent exercises that you could start doing now, at home, on your own to help heal your past experience and experience of time. Here are a few of the techniques to start with:

  • Try to not name or label anything. Period. In other words, you are working on getting rid of the conceptual mind (a Buddhist practice)

  • Start a forgiveness practice. This isn’t necessarily about forgiving the other person. It’s about forgiving yourself for carrying the weight of past trauma.

  • Commence a gratitude practice focusing on as many things as you can to be grateful for.

  • Write the biography of your life in the third person. This will help you to be more of an observer in your life.

  • Do retro intentions (this is where you express what you would’ve wanted to say at the time of the upsetting past experience or trauma).


Want to listen to my interview with Bryan’s wife Lynne McTaggart, all about the surprising power of setting intentions? Tune in here: 

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Sacred Connection

As always, this community is a sacred, safe place built on love and acceptance. It was created to help you evolve and expand into your highest self. Please share your wisdom, comments, and thoughts. I love hearing from you and learning how you are being your truest, you-est you. Please join us in our Facebook group: The You-est You Podcast Community.

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