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Peter Crone reminds us enjoy the mystery of life and to let life be the teacher instead of trying to figure everything out for ourselves.

Awakening Human Potential with Peter Crone

Meet Peter Crone

Peter Crone is an expert in human potential and performance, as well as the founder of Be Alive, Inc. Peter is also in the documentary, HEAL, directed and screenplay written by Kelly Noonan. Peter has worked with numerous VIPs in the entertainment industry, more than 200 professional athletes across multiple sports, as well as leaders of global organizations.


Peter devotes his life to sharing insights, strategies, and products for people to live an inspired life and thrive by awakening new levels of awareness that transcend old and limiting mental belief systems. He helps redesign the subconscious mind that drives human behavior and, ultimately, all performance. Whilst most people go through life as prisoners of their own mind, Peter helps expose and dissolve the mental shackles that hold people back so that they can experience true freedom and have their potential be fully realized. His commitment is to sharing his pioneering mental constructs that inspire the realization of a new type of human being who shifts from an existence of surviving to one of truly thriving.


Not Feeling Good Enough

Peter Crone begins this fascinating podcast by explaining that often when people go through self-realization, there is a staggering amount of pressure put on us to become our best self. This desire for self-development can cause undue stress and anxiety and leave us with a sense of not feeling good enough. This process begins a snowball effect in our lives that carries over into our work, our relationships, and our hobbies, robbing us of the joy we should be experiencing in our lives.


This not feeling good enough begins a pattern of negative self-talk and beliefs that creates restraints and obstacles in our lives that we struggle to maneuver around. Peter explains that we must look at our intentions and the programs we are running in our subconscious. Looking deeper than the feelings of inadequacy or past failures and asking yourself what subconscious implications it has.


Awakening Human Potential

Peter is an expert at awakening human potential, and he shared with us tips on how to deal with the feelings of inadequacies and not feeling good enough. These are the key takeaways from our enlightening conversation:

  • Investigate the truth. Ask, “But is it true?” when we have a limiting thought. Is it a justified existence or just something you believe?
  • What is your fundamental fear really revealing? Look at the deeper self-belief structure.
  • Take out the judgment and look objectively. You are not the first or last to have these feelings or experiences.
  • Make space for the human aspects of yourself. Know that there truly is no perfection.
  • Instead of feeling you have to hide your inadequacies or even improve them, embrace them for being a part of your uniqueness.


Final Thoughts

Peter Crone reminds us to let life be the teacher instead of trying to figure everything out for ourselves. Enjoy the mystery of life. It is full of surprises. Just know that some of these surprises aren’t fun, but that is ok. The magic is you get to choose your response to the surprises life throws at you. In those choices lie freedom and the freedom releases you from the suffering.


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