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Clean Beauty with NakedPoppy CEO, Jaleh Bisharat

Jaleh Bisharat is co-founder and CEO of NakedPoppy, a clean beauty tech start-up that curates the very best in clean beauty brands. She previously served as CMO/VP marketing at Amazon, OpenTable, Upwork and Eventbrite. So, she knows the tech world—and she’s bringing it to clean beauty with NakedPoppy‘s patent-pending, online assessment algorithm that identifies perfect-for-you clean makeup picks.
Jaleh speaks and writes on topics of concern to purposeful women. Her writing has appeared in a variety of outlets including Business Insider, Entrepreneur, Fast Company, the Huffington Post, Thrive Global, VentureBeat and Women 2.0. A graduate of Harvard College and Harvard Business School, she’s passionate about wellness, sustainability, and clean living.
Jaleh didn’t realize that her years working in high-level leadership positions learning about how to motivate her employees and teams would prove to be so effective as an entrepreneur starting NakedPoppy. We talked a lot about habits that help you to manage your most powerful asset, your time and attention, as well as why she felt compelled to start a clean beauty company. You’ll learn the disturbing information and statistics about women’s beauty products and why your dollar and purchases matter.
Things We Learned From This Episode
Here are some of the core ideas discussed:
  1. Managing your attention is the most important thing you can do to move your life and business forward. Do this by taking time before you unplug each night to go through your calendar and time block chunks of time for being in your flow state, meditating, exercising and scheduling a time for you to be productive.
  2. Jaleh’s motto of ‘Just Start’ and ‘Don’t Get Distracted’ are so powerful and simple, as well as her brilliant point that “The way you manage your attention is your competitive advantage.”
  3. When you’re starting any kind of business, you want to first start with the question – what problem are we solving? In NakedPoppy’s case, Jaleh wanted to give busy women a clean beauty experience that they deserve and love.
  4. Clean beauty is to regular beauty products whats organic food is to processed food. We learned that over 12,500 chemicals are used in standard beauty products in the U.S., 7,500 are allowed in the UK and only 700 are allowed in NakedPoppy. Our current traditional beauty products are actually considered hazardous waste for the environment, which should give a clue how unhealthy they are for your skin and body. NakedPoppy hired a green chemist to review all clean beauty items.
  5. NakedPoppy’s four pillars are health (being the most important), environment, animal welfare, and worker safety. You can take the assessment on and it will give you a perfect match of products for your skin and preference
Jaleh is such an inspiring female entrepreneur out to do incredible work to change the way we view and shop for beauty products. I know that I’m convinced it’s time to clean out anything that’s not a clean beauty product. Hope you’ll join me as well.


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