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Dan Casetta on Becoming A Champion In Your Life

Dan Casetta connects good ideas and great people. As a respected and trusted business leader, Dan has had a profound impact on thousands of entrepreneurs, leaders, and salespeople over the past 25 years. Throughout his career with the Vector Marketing/Cutco sales organization, Dan has been a one-in-a-million achiever and transformational leader.

He became the most successful and influential field manager in the nearly 70-year history of Cutco, and his programs for leading and developing teams were integral in sparking the company’s rapid growth and expansion. Throughout various roles with the company, Dan has coached and mentored top sales reps, managers, and executives, teaching skills like selling, leadership, financial well-being, and personal development to the company’s top talent.

Dan helps create champions both in and out of his Cutco business. His influence has extended nationwide speaking, writing, and hosting gatherings of like-minded success-oriented people. He’s the co-author of “Success Starts Today” with Jack Canfield and “Cutting Edge Sales” with Jon Berghoff, Hal Elrod, and a Who’s Who of powerful present-day influencers who started their careers with Cutco. His passion is in adding value to the world and leaving positive ripples everywhere he goes.

You can sign up for Dan’s blogs and get more wisdom from his monthly emails at and also find Dan and his videos on financial wellbeing, leadership and EQ on Youtube (search ‘Dan Casetta’) as well as on Facebook and Linked-In @dancasetta

Things We Learned from Dan Casetta

  1. Being the best version of myself means constantly learning and growing and sharing this with others.
  2. Learning how to bounce back from challenges has been a major asset to handlling these situations like blips on the screen vs. prolonged downturns. The question I ask myself to help with any situation is “Am I going to die RIGHT NOW?” This question gives immediate perspective.
  3. The steps to becoming your most successful is through consistent incremental growthy, which eventuall explodes into exponential improvement.
  4. Whether you are in sales, have your own business or are looking for more connection with others, the most important thing you can do is find ways to add authentic value to others and develop genuine interest in others.
  5. Finding the balance between a successful career and family has meant adopting the principle ‘work to live’, not the other way around.
  6. Do What You Love can be a misguided piece of advice. If “what you love” doesn’t add value to the world, it should be a hobby, not something more. Do something that ADDS VALUE to the world. If you can intersect this with doing something you love, that’s ideal. But if not, do something that adds value as your career, and do what you love as your hobby.

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