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Digging into the Power of NLP & Hypnosis with Suzanne Longstreet

Suzanne Longstreet is a Mindset Mentor, Author and Speaker. She is also trained in Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) and Hypnosis. the author of Invisible to Invincible | Inspiring Entrepreneurs to Increase Clarity; Confidence to Grow Your Business and Make a Difference. Suzanne believes that too many female entrepreneurs are stuck in survival mode. She provides mentoring, coaching and training for entrepreneurs to shift their mindset by clearing up the limiting beliefs that keep them stuck. Suzanne mentors each entrepreneur to focus on their bright future and take action to build the life and business of their dreams. Suzanne’s clients have increased their clarity and confidence. They have moved from just scraping by to quickly growing their business and tripling their revenue. You can find Suzanne at
Suzanne shared about her very raw and traumatic experience being married to someone who abused her physically, mentally and verbally. After twenty years of trying virtually every healing modality and therapy process, Suzanne finally embarked upon NLP and hypnosis. These both changed her life so extensively that she ended up getting master certifications in both and now uses incredibly powerful tools and techniques to help her clients release anger, fear, shame, guilt, sadness and anything holding them back. Here are a few of the key techniques and takeaways from our in-depth conversation:
Things We Learned From This Episode
  1. The anchor technique is powerful and easy to use. Think of a time when you felt your most confident, happy and in the flow. Close your eyes and allow yourself to be flooded with those good feelings. Achor in this experience by choosing a place on your body, like your earlobe, that where when you touch your ear, it will remind you of this anchor.
  2. Submodality is a technique that helps you to take something or someone that upsets you greatly and gives you the ability to change the lens on how you see that person or experience. Suzanne shared how this worked after the dust settled from her own bout with cancer and having two other family members struggle with cancer.
  3. The aim with NLP is to help you find the good and best in who you are, to experience and know this and to understand what makes you excellent.


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