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Find out how Dr. Danny Friedland has used his experience with a terminal diagnosis to elevate his own consciousness and that of others.

Dr. Danny Friedland on the Most Powerful Question You Can Ever Ask Yourself

Meet Dr. Danny Friedland

Dr. Danny Friedland is the author of Leading Well from Within: A Neuroscience and Mindfulness-Based Framework for Conscious Leadership and serves as the CEO of SuperSmartHealth, where he provides keynotes, workshops and executive coaching to develop conscious, resilient, high-performing leaders, teams and organizations to catalyze their positive impact in the world. 

Give It Meaning

After Dr. Danny was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer in late 2020, he was determined to spread positivity and make the most out of an otherwise terrible situation. Dr. Danny and his family created a Youtube channel to document his journey and what he has been going through in order to comfort and inspire others with similarly terrible situations in their lives. He is determined to extract all the good from a heartbreaking situation that others could easily wallow in the negative aspects of.

Provide Hope and Comfort

In what could be a situation that an otherwise inspiring person could give up and bow out, Dr. Danny has made the decision to use his scary diagnosis to not inject sadness and grief into his life and the lives of those that care for him, but to use the terminal nature of his diagnosis to provide hope and comfort. While getting a terminal diagnosis most will go to fear and sadness, but Dr. Danny has used this experience to elevate his own consciousness and that of others. 

Final Thoughts

We know that when terrible things happen, the easiest thing to do is feel terrible. When we experience misfortune, human nature automatically triggers sadness and grief. It takes dedication, support and a whole lot of knowledge to keep yourself in a positive mindframe and continue to live out your life’s mission. For Dr. Danny, that mission is amplified through his tough journey. And now his family has jumped on board to continue to provide support and comfort through real emotions, support, hope and comfort. Healing is quicker and less painless when constantly reminding yourself of the positive instead of focusing on the negative.

Tips for Providing Hope and Comfort

  1. Share your journey. Don’t keep it all in. Not only will the negative emotions fester and build within your body, but no one will gain anything from you staying clammed up and invulnerable. We are all human, and if a fellow human can find hope and comfort through your journey, it is not all for nothing.
  2. Look at the bright side. Do you think that someone who has transformed from 400 pounds to a healthy weight regrets that journey? Do you think that the weight loss coaching that they provide to others would be that effective without the turmoil that coach has experienced? I don’t. When we are able to turn the negative to positive, we tend to see more positive in our lives.

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