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Find Your Inner Rebel: Become Unshakable with Lauren Lee

Lauren is the founder of Inner Rebel Co., a company that helps women develop and strengthen a positive inner voice through meditation and events. She has an extensive professional career in corporate retail, holding roles in e-commerce buying, sales, and business development. She is a certified 200RYT yoga teacher, holds a certificate in meditation from Boise State University and a featured meditation teacher on Insight Timer.
You can find Lauren on her website at, on Instagram or hiking in Boise…
We talked a lot on this show about how to listen to your own inner wisdom, which Lauren calls your ‘Inner Rebel’ and how to start tuning in there for answers. We also discussed how to manifest what you really want and trusting that any heart-centered desire you have is worthy. Lots of excellent thoughts and brilliance here with Lauren. Here’s a quick recap for those wanting the overview:
Things We Learned From This Episode
  1. When faced with a decision or feeling uncertain, tap into your inner council, in other words, that whisper that comes from within that is your Inner Rebel wanting to commune with you about what’s best for your highest good.
  2. Meditation and stillness is one of the best ways to connect to your Inner Rebel
  3. Lauren shares that it all comes down to two questions: Do you trust yourself? (if no, start getting still and going within more so you can begin to develop a deeper relationship with yourself), and Does this feel right? Asking if something feels right, then pausing and waiting to get an answer from your own inner knowing will help you to build your intuition and trust in yourself.
  4. Manifesting is about focusing first on what you desire, making sure you’re coming from an abundant mindset vs. lack, getting to the why you desire it and then being truly grateful before it happens and manfiests. Everyone is designed to manifest what they want; it’s not just for certain people.

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