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Fitness for Every Body with Meg Boggs

Meet Meg Boggs

Meg Boggs is an author, athlete, mother, and self-empowerment advocate. From mental health to fitness inclusivity promoted alongside body-positive imagery, Meg continues to spark discourse about fat bodies and the experiences of plus-size women. Meg has been celebrated by CNN, The View, Good Morning America, People, Health Magazine, Shape, and PopSugar. Her debut book, Fitness for Every Body: Strong, Confident, and Empowered at Any Size, is out 4/27/2021.


Becoming Who You Really Are

Meg Boggs talked super openly about finally becoming the person she always was through a long journey of dealing with hurtful, unkind, and judgmental comments about her body and size. She explained that it took a lot of time to realize that she’s not the problem and there’s nothing to fix in being a plus-size woman. One of the pivotal moments for Meg Boggs was when Meg cut her hair, something she had always wanted to do but had heard she shouldn’t given the shape and size of her face. Taking her freedom back and cutting her hair as she desired gave her the newfound freedom she had always been seeking. The same has come true for dressing in a way that feels best for her, be it cropped tops, wearing pink, and ditching heels. I LOVED Meg’s genuine full self-expression to be herself, to feel free in how she lives her life, and in the self-empowerment messages she is sharing to let go of what others think. To follow your own inner guide and bliss.


Finding Your Way to Self-Empowerment

Much of Meg Bogg’s story has been about owning her sovereignty. After years of being ridiculed and told what to do about her own plus-size body, she took self-empowerment seriously. Today, Meg is a badass role model for women of all sizes to love whatever body they are in. This is about making the shift from hiding and self-loathing to doing and being what you love and loving your whole self. Period. Self-Empowerment is the new sexy.


Breaking Up With Dieting

Meg Boggs realized that the freedom she sought came from breaking up with the diet culture and changing her story from weight loss to being strong, fit, healthy, and full of vitality. She was inspired by the power of intuitive eating, which is all about turning inward to ask your body what is most nourishing versus relying on sources outside of your own inner wisdom. This was a game-changer for Meg, and today she is trailblazing the way for millions of women around on how to stay fit, exercise, and make time for themselves, no matter what shape you’re in or size you are. Meg is also about talking to kids about loving their bodies and sees this work as crucial, especially given she now has a three-year-old daughter, Maci, who looks up to her. Practicing self-empowerment is what helps her spread her message to love yourself whether you are a plus-size woman or not.


Fitness For Every Body

Meg Bogg’s book Fitness for Every Body is meant to share both her story but also inspire you to start taking your own health and fitness seriously, to let go of any comparison or need to look a certain way, and to start appreciating your body as is, right now. One of the mantras Meg uses after every workout, walk, or physical activity is simple yet powerful. It is “Thank you, Body!”. I recommend we all take this on and thank our bodies for all they have done on our behalf every darn day.


Final Thoughts

Learning to love yourself inside and out is the message Meg Boggs shared with us. It is through this acceptance that self-empowerment comes. It doesn’t matter if you are a plus-size woman or small in stature; there is something for every woman in Fitness for Every Body. Pick up a copy of Meg Boggs’s book today. 

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