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Following Megan Corey in her Purposeful Journey & Creating the Business of her Dreams

 Join us on a journey going from a side hustle to a full time career shift with Megan Corey. We’ll be following Megan over the next 6 months as she transitions from her full-time corporate job to fulfilling her dream of starting a health based nutrition focused business.

A little more about Megan: she never stopped moving ever since she was a little girl. Participating in competitive sports since early childhood, she embraced the sense of accomplishment from discipline and hard work. Continuing through college and into her adult life, Megan learned to set priorities to affect desired outcomes. She recognized fueling was equally important to training the mind and body and from where her journey began. Megan’s fond memories of the habitual dessert after dinner is no stranger to many. From home cooked meals and the common parent’s bribe to clean your plate for reward, she learned through research and education how to incorporate better nutrition into her life.

The continuous nutritional learning is the easy part. How do we apply and find balance with career? Megan worked in recruitment, finance, contracts, management and sales. Career was her priority. Climbing a corporate ladder in a comfortable job with a generous salary, the work became mundane and mechanical. Without the passion, Megan committed herself to find her purpose. It was staring at her the whole time. She realized her excitement and satisfaction stemmed from focusing on her colleagues and influencing them to lead healthier lives. Megan always had a passion for health and wellness. As a Division I collegiate swimmer, she understands the challenges of growing up as an athlete and transitioning into a professional career. Balancing a demanding career, marriage and kids, Megan continuously works towards leading a healthier lifestyle for herself and her family. She learned how to prioritize her health and she wants to help others do the same. Megan is professionally developing her skills to transition into the Health and Wellness industry with measurable goals. She is the founder of ACE LYFE, her health and wellness brand, where she works with individuals and groups on methods to help them lead their best life with education and applying concepts on leading a healthier lifestyle. We will follow Megan through her purposeful journey into a completely new career field and provide listeners with up to date first hand looks at each stage. This will allow anyone who has thought of making a career change into something they are more passionate about or may currently be in the transition stage like Megan, to take notes on the guidance she is receiving and learn and develop from these recommendations to live your purposeful life.


Things We Learned From This Episode

  1. Pay attention to what gives you energy and makes you feel alive and lit up in any area of your life.
  2. Write down your strengths, gifts, talents and areas where you thrive in your current career or life.
  3. Creating a side or full-time hustle takes discipline, focus, planning, support and accountability.
  4. Create a vision for your future and know that the journey is comprised of baby steps, not big leaps.


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