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From Death’s Door to Miracles & New Lease on Life with Charlena Smith

Charlena Smith is the creator and founder of Optio, a Personality Expert and an empower of humans. Once upon a time, Charlena almost died. No, really. She had a debilitating traumatic disease during pregnancy and a legit near-death experience. When she got back into the swing of things, she made a decision to find purposeful and fulfilling work. Although it was exciting to do things like plan Beyonce’s 21st birthday party and co-plan the Death & Dying conference with the Dalai Lama, Charlena knew intentionally slowing down a bit and finding the spot where she could make the most impact was what she needed to do.
The creation of Optio has become the framework of Charlena’s purpose. Using both demographic and psychographic markers, Optio matches members that holistically expand each other’s perspectives creating Guided Accountability partners that yield a 97% success rate on goals. Between being a mama to two amazing grade-school kiddos and wife to a legit NASA rocket scientist, Charlena is committed to helping women entrepreneurs see the power in vulnerability, understand the malleability of their personalities, and build partnerships and communities that stretch all of us toward our biggest accomplishments.
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This. girl. is. a. miracle.
You can’t tune in and not be inspired by this woman. Charlena is a walking miracle and has incredible nuggets of wisdom to share.
Things We Learned From This Episode
  1. Your personality and way of doing life is changeable and personality traits that can seem negative, like being stubborn, can come often end up being the aspect that changes yoru life. Charlena made it out alive because of her ‘stubborn’ persistance.
  2. Choose to live fully for yourself (first), then others. You are worthy and especially for the moms, caretakers and dads out there, remember to take care of and love up on yourself first. It might feel selfish but it’s not. This is what saved Charlene’s life and will to live.
  3. Our humanity is what joins us across all backgrounds. Find ways to connect with one another’s humanity regardless of religion, race, sex, political views, nationality, etc.

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