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How High Achieving Women Can Find Love Through Feminine Energy with Sami Wunder

Meet Sami Wunder


Sami Wunder is a leading international dating and relationship coach who specializes in helping high-achieving women attract and keep romantic love. Her comprehensive approach shows her clients how to embrace strong relationship boundaries, while still emanating inviting feminine energy. Sami has enabled more than 270 single clients to get married and more than 300 partnered clients to bring their marriages back from divorce in the past five years. Sami founded her multi-seven-figure relationships brand after exiting a successful career as a gold medalist economist with a Masters in public policy. Since then, she has improved the love lives of thousands of women, including celebrities, senior executives, and entrepreneurs in over 55 countries across the globe. Her expertise has been featured in media outlets including Forbes, Glamour, TIME, Marie Claire, Business Insider, and the BBC. She lives in Germany with her adoring husband, Chris, and their two boys.


If you are eager to attract your forever partner or at least someone you vibe with and love dating and being with, this is the conversation for you. We dug into what it takes to find your partner and real love. Tune in to hear more tips, practices, and ways to align your energy to attract your match.

The Power of Setting Boundaries


If you feel icky about setting boundaries or have any negative connotation with them, listen up my friend. We discussed the importance of shifting your mindset around setting boundaries from negative to neutral to positive. Learning to have good boundaries is both an act of self-love and helps your partner know your parameters. And as Sami Wunder shared, setting boundaries can be super sexy! Who knew?! 


A New Way to See Intimacy


Think of this as Into-Me-I-See (Get it? Intimacy is into-me-I-see). In other words, you’re allowing your partner to view all aspects of you. Sami Wunder shares that this is why learning to be vulnerable, open, and love all of yourself, without judgment, is crucial to fully embracing yourself and allowing your partner to see all of you. It can be tough to get close to another person and expose your vulnerabilities. Start by accepting these parts of yourself that you might have neglected, overlooked, or denied. Learn to celebrate and adore yourself first, as this will permit your partner to do the same. 


The Power of Feminine Energy and Receiving


So many of us high-achieving women are used to being go-getters, taking action, being driven, and all about the goal, which is tapping into empowered masculine energy. All human beings have both masculine and feminine energy to draw upon, regardless of sex or gender. Sami Wunder shared about being raised by a mother who told her to always be strong, driven, goal-driven, and make her own money at all costs. While her mom was trying to be helpful, it caused a lot of stress and health issues for Sami. We discussed the importance of the signature feminine energy of ‘being’ versus ‘doing’. This might feel odd and weird at first, but learning to be — be present in the moment and receiving can be important in your relationship and for your health. 


Final Thoughts


Sami Wunder shares about the importance of setting boundaries and how setting boundaries promotes a feeling of self-love and expands a sense of healthy relationship parameters. She also imparts her wisdom both from being a high-achieving woman and working with them that you can’t be afraid to step into your feminine energy. That you can still be wildly successful in balancing both masculine and feminine energy.


Sami Wunder has prepared a special masterclass called ‘Lean In At Work, Lean Back In Love’ in which she shares 3 mindset shifts that high-achieving women can make to be successful not only in their careers but also in dating and relationships. She is sharing this with anyone who would like Feminine Energy life training. Go to:

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