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How To Become Your You-est You

Meet Julie Reisler

Julie Reisler is a master transformational coach with over ten years of coaching experience and holds a master’s degree in health & wellness coaching. Julie is the founder of the Life Designer Coach Academy, a coach mastery training certification program, host and founder of the You-est You Podcast, with close to 300 episodes, and author of Get a PhD in YOU. Julie has been featured in Forbes magazine, MindBodyGreen, The Chopra Center, and Thrive Global. She is also a prominent teacher, course creator, and guide on the popular app Insight Timer and is on the faculty at Georgetown University in their coaching program. Julie lives in the Washington, DC area with her blended family of 3 kids and her favorite sweet furball, Luna. Make sure you take Julie’s Free Intuition Test to discover your intuitive superpowers to be your You-est You at To learn more about Julie and how she might support you on your You-est You journey, go to

So often, people will ask how to truly become your You-est You, the you that has always been there and always will. I realized that I hadn’t yet done an episode on this exactly, so I’m hoping this will spark a deeper conversation and curiosity within you, my friend, to really ask yourself how you might excavate and release your fullest, truest, most authentic self. I shared that while I can see your You-est You, I want you to be able to see it as well. Here is my SEE methodology that hopefully will help you know where to start. Please share with me what you think and if you’d like to go deeper into this concept in another episode or even a program. And as always, take what resonates and leave the rest!

Your Infinite Potential

Let’s define the term ‘You-est You’. Here’s the thing, you were born your You-est You. You will leave this realm and world as your You-est You. It is your truest, most authentic self, both in mind, body, and spirit. Your unique individuation of the divine comes with batteries included, meaning you were born with gifts, talents, skills, special abilities, and a spark that is as unique and rare as your thumbprint. Just like an acorn, if you plant, water, nourish and tend to it, over time, it will begin to grow into a beautiful oak tree. You are the same. You have that same limitless potentiality within you. With your own consciousness, love, compassion, and curiosity, you will be able to live a life full of freedom, peace, ease, grace, and abundance as your fullest self. And this means that while we’re all connected by the same infinite intelligence, you also have your own unique human expression that is waiting to be tapped into, dusted off, and loved upon so it too can blossom and flourish. 

Here’s How To See Your You-est You

I looked closely at my own self-discovery work over the past twenty years through support like coaching, therapy, 12-steps, and many other healing modalities. I realized that no matter what the process, there are three key ingredients to being able to emerge and truly be your You-est You. This SEE method is all about helping you see, know, and become your You-est You. It will help open the doors to self-exploration.


  1. SAFE: First, before you can do any kind of excavation work, you must feel safe. Safety is crucial, especially if you’ve experienced struggles, trauma, and challenges around embracing and loving yourself. While I didn’t go too far into cultivating safety, the main thing to know is that you deserve to have a quiet, loving, and sacred space to build your relationship with yourself. This could look like meditation, walking in nature, silence, and prayer. Feeling safe with yourself means calming your nervous system, allowing for your body to feel at ease, and creating a state of being that allows for receptivity, expansion, and miracles.


  1. EXPLORE: You might wake up one morning realizing that you are not living a life that feels fully aligned, or perhaps all the fun and enjoyable things you used to do went out the window during the pandemic when having kids or taking on that new job. Now that you’ve created a safe space within, it’s time to explore what fully brings you energy and joy. You’ll want to do a deep reflection of your past and times when you felt most lit up, most aligned, most connected to the Universe, most energized, joyful, and felt the most pleasure. Gather this data with curiosity and start to notice patterns. This self-exploration will unlock valuable information you wouldn’t otherwise have noticed.


I did this years ago and realized that I always loved the art of entertaining and educating others. Whether it was in a school musical, singing in my high school a cappella group, announcing the top stories and weekly news in my high school, or interviewing my favorite teachers. When I saw that I wasn’t doing any of this, I realized that my me-est me wanted to go back to my performer and entertainment roots. I signed up for an on-camera and teleprompter class, found agents in my area, and started submitting myself for commercials, short documentaries, and other hosting roles. While this was over 15 years ago, it’s easy to see the progression of now hosting my own podcast. This came from a deep exploration of what feels most authentic for me. I’d love for you to do the same and see where you might want to bring in aspects from parts of your life so you feel more like your authentic self. 


  1. EXPRESS: The ultimate goal is to be fully self-expressed, be it how you dress and adorn yourself, what you say and speak out loud (i.e., taking the muzzle off and speaking your truth), how you show up and own your energy, beauty, and strength. All of this is about being unabashedly your truest, you-est you. Expression might mean everything from the colors you surround yourself with, accessories you own, the style you wear, speaking up about what you wholeheartedly believe and taking up more space, and owning your worth. Just remember that being your most authentic self, your You-est You means expressing your desires and likes and not what you think others desire of you.  



The 3 Ways to Embody Your You-est You

I talked about embracing the 3 L’s as you become your You-est You: 

  1. Look: You’ve got to look at whatever it is to see, feel, or sense.
  2. Learn: Be open to learning from every experience understanding there is no failure, or at least how you think of it. Learn from as much as possible, and
  3. Love: Love every part of you, including your struggles, doubts, inner critic, beliefs that don’t serve you, and every ounce of what makes you, you.



Final Thoughts

Living your life as your most authentic self, your You-est You may take some work. Sloughing off old programing from years of living by other people’s expectations is worth the journey of self-exploration. You are most joyful when you are your You-est You, and that is worth every moment of self-work you do. 

Discovery Your Intuitive Superpower


Make sure you take Julie’s Free Intuition Test to discover your intuitive superpowers to be your You-est You at To learn more about Julie and how she might support you on your You-est You journey, go to

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Sacred Connection

As always, this community is a sacred, safe place built on love and acceptance. It was created to help you evolve and expand into your highest self. Please share your wisdom, comments, thoughts. I love hearing from you and learning how you are being your truest, you-est you. Please join us in our Facebook group The You-est You Community for Soul Seekers

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Here’s to your being your you-est you!


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Here’s to your being your you-est you!

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