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How To Change Your Relationship With Money with Barbara Huson

Meet Barbara Huson

Barbara Stanny Huson is a renowned author, speaker, and financial expert who has helped thousands of women transform their relationships with money. After struggling with financial challenges in her early years, Barbara made it her life’s mission to understand the psychology of money and help women become financially empowered.


She has written numerous bestselling books (some of my all-time favorites) on the subject, including Prince Charming Isn’t Coming: How Women Get Smart About Money, Overcoming Underearning: A Five-Step Plan to a Richer Life, Sacred Success: A Course in Financial Miracles and Rewire for Wealth.


Barbara has become a leading voice in the personal finance world and a champion of women’s financial health. She has been featured on major media outlets, including The Today Show, CNN, and The New York Times, and has spoken at conferences and events all over the world. Barbara’s unique approach to financial empowerment is grounded in spiritual principles and focuses on helping women overcome limiting beliefs and tap into their inner strength and wisdom. She believes that true wealth is not just about money but also encompasses a sense of purpose, fulfillment, and joy. 


Sacred Success

As one of my personal mentors and teachers, I wanted to bring Barbara back on my show to talk about overcoming fear and a scarcity mindset in a time of economic shifts.


If you’re ready to take charge of your financial future and become the boss of your money and financial well-being, you won’t want to miss this exciting interview on the You-est You podcast. Barbara’s wisdom and experience will inspire and motivate you to take action.


Fear is an indicator light of success. Success always lies outside our comfort zone. As Joseph Cambell said, “The cave you fear to enter is where your treasure lies.” It’s crucial to enter the points of pain and fear as this is where you will begin to heal and transform. It’s our secrecy and silence that keep us stuck. Focusing on your thoughts and feelings leading to the fears and stories that aren’t serving your financial well-being is a good place to start. 


Barbara defines sacred success as pursuing your soul’s purpose for your own bliss and the benefit of others while being richly rewarded. Isn’t that SO powerful? 


A Busy Woman’s Guide to Financial Success

Barbara interviewed thousands of successful, high-earning women and came to the following realization about women creating success financially: 


1) No one is going to save you or do it for you 

2) You don’t have to do it alone and shouldn’t go at it alone (as women, we’re wired for connection and naturally relationship-oriented) 

3) Find a financial professional to help you


These are the habits that are crucial to building financial literacy and wealth: 

Every day you must read something about money and familiarize yourself with the jargon.

Every week have a conversation about money with someone who knows more than you do.

Every month save automatically and make it a consistent habit.


The Wealth Connection

Whether you know it or not, the brain controls our behavior, and our mind shapes our brain. Barbara explains that true financial success is 4 pronged in this way:


You must do the outer work of wealth (knowing your numbers, getting help managing your money, learning about money, and increasing your financial literacy).


You need to pursue the Inner work of wealth, which includes studying your attitudes, beliefs, and early decisions around money.


There’s a spiritual and higher realm of wealth, and once you know your purpose and are financially stable, you can be of higher service. The more you have, the more you can give.


The deeper work of your mind and brain connection is crucial and often overlooked. This is explained in depth in Barbara’s book, Rewire for Wealth. 


The Three Levels of Financial Wellbeing

Barbara shared in clear and easy terms the three levels of financial being. See which one resonates the most and how you might start working on your own financial set point to move to the level of affluence and overflow. 


The three levels of financial being are:

  • Survival – this is where you do not have enough money and feel like you are barely getting by.

  • Stability – you have just enough money but not a lot of extra or overflow.  

  • Affluent – You have more than enough money and are able to experience financial freedom on all levels. 


We discussed how to create affluence. I thought Barbara’s wisdom here was spot on. To have affluence, you need to give up profit as the primary goal. It’s actually about greatness. 


Greatness is the intersection where your deep gladness meets the world’s deepest hunger. As Frederick Buechner said, “The place God calls you to is the place where your deep gladness and the world’s deep hunger meet.”That is sacred success. 


Spiritual Guidance With Money

A Course In Miracles (ACIM) is a spiritual guide that helped Barbara to heal her relationship with money (and is helping me on my own journey as well). Money gives us choices and freedom. As Dr. Rev. Michael Beckwith says, “You can’t be the Light of the world if you can’t pay your light bills.“ I loved Barbara’s definition of money (something she almost left out of her book for fear of being too ‘woo woo’) – “I believe that money is God made visible.” This exact quote is what put her book on the map worldwide. 


Back to ACIM and how this relates. A miracle is defined as a shift in perception. That is what you want to ask for with your money and in general. You’re asking to have a shift in how you’re perceiving money on all levels. One way to do this is by making spiritual guidance a daily practice to embed this as a new way to view the world and money. 


I had to ask Barbara about her daily morning practice, and here’s what she does:

Half an hour of stretching.

Listens to uplifting music (for her, it’s country!)

Reads the lesson of the day from ACIM.

Meditation in bed.

Imagines how she wants to feel that day to pre-pave her day.

Eats breakfast in bed with her hubby.


Overcoming Fear

We discussed overcoming fears, especially around money. When you feel fear about your money, be sure to stay in the energy of inspiration. Above all else, ask the Universe something like: ‘Let me see this differently. Let me see this through your inspiration and eyes.’ Remember, wealth comes from you becoming and being your authentic self (what I call your ‘You-est You’), which is often conditioned out of you. 


My friend, get ready to unlock your full financial potential and spiritual connection to money. Go to to learn more about Barbara, her books and work, and her amazing community for women wanting a greater connection to finances, wealth, and heart-centered living. 



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Sacred Connection

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