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How To Connect with Your Inner Guide Lena Franklin

Offering the ancient practices of mindfulness and meditation utilizing a fresh, modern voice is the essence of Lena’s work. As a Mindfulness-Based Psychotherapist, International Spiritual Teacher and Speaker, Lena will teach you that “to journey in inward is your highest calling.” Lena earned both her Bachelors of Science in Psychology and Masters of Social at the University of Georgia. As a licensed clinical social worker, Lena integrates Eastern philosophy with Western neuroscience. Lena’s holistic healing work is grounded in Buddhist Psychology, Mindfulness Meditation, LifeForce Yoga and Insight Yoga in addition to psychodynamic foundations. Today, Lena has a mindfulness business based in Atlanta, GA where she sees individual clients, provides mindfulness corporate trainings, teaches personal growth workshops and guides meditation retreats around the globe. Lena is also the Head of Mindfulness for Welzen, a mindfulness meditation app featuring practices and programs to enhance your health and happiness. Raised in a hybrid Buddhist/Christian household, Lena was introduced to meditation as a young child. Today, this mindfulness foundation has grown into a deep passion to guide others on a journey towards inner peace, emotional balance and a felt sense of wholeness. Lena has been featured in various media outlets including the New York Times, Modern Luxury and World Traveler magazines. Please visit her website to learn more about her practice and schedule of wellness trips, retreats, and continuing education offerings:


We dove deep in this conversation and talked about Lena losing her mother and how she connects with her on the other side. We also discussed ways to stay present and use this time at home to go within and shed layers not serving you anymore. Here are some of the main take-aways:

1. Ask yourself how can you live differently? What is wanting to be let go of and released, both habit patterns, routines and thoughts?

2. Use the 3 A’s, a portable mindfulness practice to use anywhere. The first A stands for acknowledge. Acknowledge your uncomfortable feelings first. The second A stands for Accept. Breathe in acceptance and you might say to yourself: ‘My darling, may I accept that this is part of my awareness right now?’ The third A is for Alternative Action. You get to choose a new action rather than yelling, slamming a door or losing your cool. Come up with new actions you can take like focusing on your breath, taking a quick walk or time out, to rewire and shift your pattern.

3. Speak to yourself in compassionate loving words like you would with a child, such as calling yourself beloved, my darling, sweetie, etc. It might feel weird at first, but over time it will feel loving and kind.


Additionally, Lena led a beautiful bonus mindfulness meditation that incorporated grounding yourself and connecting to the present moment. Enjoy! 


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