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How to Make Life Count Every Day with Dr. Jake Oregel

Meet Dr. Jake Oergel, BS, DC, one of the most positive people I know. Dr. Jake is a sports medicine focused chiropractor, performance coach, 20 year competitive triathalete, proud father of 3 awesome ladies and lives by the mantra; Make It Count. Listen in to hear how he makes sure to be 1% better each day and starts each morning at 4 am sharp so that he can exercise, read for an hour and inspire himself to inspire others. Growing up with a father who was not present, Dr. Jake is all about being an über present father, raising exceptional daughters and women empowerment. We served as Lululemon Ambassadors together and I was blown away by his positivity, commitment to being of service to the world and giving back. Something to think about is how can you be 1% better each day and what would that look like? Get some inspiring ideas in this episode with Dr. Jake Oergel! You can find Dr. Jake on Facebook and Instagram for more motivational encouragement.

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