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How to Rewire for Wealth with Barbara Huson


Meet Barbara Huson

Barbara Huson (previously known as Barbara Stanny) is the leading authority on women, wealth, and power. As a bestselling author, financial therapist, teacher & wealth coach, Barbara has helped millions take charge of their finances and their best lives. Barbara’s background in business, her years as a journalist, her Master’s Degree in Counseling Psychology, her extensive research, and her personal experience with money give her a unique perspective and makes her the foremost expert on empowering women to live up to their financial and personal potential.  

Barbara Huson has been featured on Good Morning America, The View, Extra, The O’Reilly Report, and many times on CNN, MSNBC, CNBC, Fox News, PBS, and NPR, as well as in the New York Times and USA Today.  

Barbara is the author of 7 books: 

  • Prince Charming Isn’t Coming: How Women Get Smart About Money 
  • Secrets of Six-Figure Women: Surprising Strategies to up Your Earnings and Change Your Life 
  • Overcoming Underearning: A Five-Step Plan to a Richer Life 
  • Finding a Financial Advisor You Can Trust: A Guide for Investors and Those Who Want To Be 
  • Breaking Through: Getting Past the Stuck Points in Your Life 
  • Sacred Success: A Course in Financial Miracles, and
  • Rewire for Wealth was just published in January 2021

Barbara Huson talks very openly both in this conversation and in her books about being in a financial fog for the first 45 years of her life. She adopted the belief through her family upbringing that she didn’t have to deal with finances or money, only to find out that after her husband left her and the country, that she owed hundreds of thousands of dollars. Her former husband was a stockbroker and also a compulsive gambler. Barbara has since learned that if you don’t deal with your money, your money will deal with you and has gone on to teach thousands of women about how to create wealth, financial freedom, worthiness, and wellbeing. This was such a rich conversation and I’m excited for you to learn so much of what I’ve taken away from her many powerful books and teachings.

The Secrets of Successful Women with High Earnings

Barbara Huson explains how working with successful women who experience financial freedom still struggled with self-doubt. Proving that insecurities exist no matter how high up the ladder a woman may climb. The difference Barbara found is that each of these women felt the fear and did it anyway. They refused to let fear stand in their way of success, knowing that it was part of the equation. Barbara shares that the number one requirement for success and thriving financially is being willing to do what you fear. That is the big secret to financial freedom. 

The Power of Fear

Barbara Huson has a take on fear that I think is incredibly empowering and true. In sum, it is to turn towards the fear and go there. Ask yourself, what are you most scared to do? That’s the secret, that one little thing. Follow what scares you most. It is essential to have lots of support so that when that fear rises, and it will rise, you don’t let it stop you, but be there to help you push through with your head held high. 

Overcoming Underearning 

In Barbara Huson’s (previously Barbara Stanny) book Overcoming Underearning: A Five-Step Plan To A Richer Life, she defines underearning as when anyone who needs or desires to earn more but can’t despite their best efforts. There isn’t a specific number attached to underearning, as you could be underearning at 6-figures. It is reaching a point and being unable to break it no matter what you do. Maybe this is because you feel like what you are doing doesn’t feed your soul. Instead, it deprives you of its true purpose, often having the quality of feeling a lack of money, time, and boundaries. Barbara explains how boundaries are crucial to set and should be based on a “hell yes”; otherwise, it’s about having the courage to say no. Creating boundaries actually builds your self-esteem instead of encouraging self-doubt. She further explains in her book that problems with money are rarely about money and rather have everything to do with power. Barbara defines power from a new lens and explains that feminine power is about knowing who a woman is, knowing what she wants, and expressing that in the world unapologetically. 

The Addiction Many of Us Have

There’s an addiction that many of us have that keeps us from financial freedom-ATBS. ATBS stands for Addiction to Busyness Syndrome. This need to be busy keeps you from feeling inner pain and can be hard driving. It is the over “doing” that you numb yourself to what is really wanting to be birthed in your soul. The antidote is taking time to be, do nothing, and ultimately surrender to your soul’s purpose. You must be willing to be quiet, to slow down and to stop the busyness and hear your soul’s whisper. This allows the unfolding of your purpose, and from the purpose, your success. 

How To Find Sacred Success 

Barbara Huson’s book Sacred Success: A Course in Financial Miracles is about pursuing your soul’s purpose. This entails doing the outer work, the inner work, the higher work, and the deeper work. It is all about moving from survival to stability (having just enough) to affluence, which allows you to make a more significant difference. Barbara’s motto is to pursue your greatness, which is where the deep gladness of your soul’s desire meets the deep hunger on the planet. Ultimately, this is about leaving a legacy and deciding how you want to make a difference and how you want to be known after your gone.

Rewire for Wealth 

Rewire for Wealth is Barbara Huson’s latest book promoting financial freedom. In Rewire for Wealth, she weaves in neuroscience, spirituality, and psychology to teach a powerful 3-step process to help you rewire your brain for wealth. These 3 steps are:

  1. Recognize: Recognize the self-doubt thought with curiosity, and notice that you’re having a thought about ‘I’m not enough,’ not that the thought is the truth of who you are. Recognize that you are separate from the thought.
  2. Reframe: Reframe your limiting beliefs. Ask yourself, ‘how can I see this differently?’ For example, ‘there’s not enough money’ to ‘there’s plenty of money’.
  3. Respond: Respond differently as if the reframe is true. Repeat this over and over and if you can, feel the truth and add the excitement to your voice. 


Final Thoughts

With a bit of work, we can rewire our brains from limiting thoughts and self-doubt to new beliefs that align with our desires, leading us towards success, excellent health, and financial freedom. The secret lies within us if only we take the time to do the work. One of my favorite takeaways: Do what you fear, sacred soul, as that is where your secret treasure lies.     

You can learn more about Barbara and her work at http://www.Barbara-Huson.com.

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