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Jonah Goldman on This Outrageously Delicous Plnt Burger (Part 1: Backstory)

Jonah Goldman is a social entrepreneur, marketing specialist, and environmental activist with a background in the natural food industry, regenerative agriculture, compostable packaging and fighting food waste. Since age 10, Jonah has been a crusader for conscious consumption and ethical eating. After years of passionate arguing against industrial meat and convincing his family and friends to become vegetarian, Jonah studied political science, food policy and food security at Colorado College, while learning firsthand how to affect systemic change on a local and industrial level. Through working with farmers, policy makers and disruptors in the natural food industry, (like Beyond Meat) he came to the conclusion that in order to save the world and ourselves, we must act rapidly to transform global food systems, reclaim health and food sovereignty in our communities, and embrace regenerative agriculture with integrated technology and ecological methods.
Jonah recently returned from Israel to help launch a new mission-driven business, PLNT Burger. PLNT Burger is a fast-casual restaurant concept by celebrity Chef Spike Mendelsohn dedicated to crafting and redefining some of America’s favorite foods. Spike Mendelsohn is best known in DC for his restaurants (Good Stuff Eatery and We the Pizza) and his numerous television appearances (Top Chef, Iron Chef America, Beat Bobby Flay). He was also the first chairman of DC’s Food Policy Council. With a focus on juicy, indulgent burgers, soft-serve, savory snacks and seasonal salads, PLNT Burger’s mission is to give people the ability to ‘Eat the Change’ with delicious foods they love and crave. PLNT Burger offerings are free of any animal products, without compromising flavor, nutrition or experience. Goldman maintains his rebellious spirit and conviction that each person can be an agent of change whether they know it or not. He is a firm believer in business as a force for good, regenerative agriculture and policies that promote food justice, a true sense of food security, and return economic power to people, not corporations. Despite current events, he remains optimistic about the planet’s future.
These burgers are outrageously delicious. I was just there on Sunday twice, because they are that good. If you are even in the 100 mile radius vicinity of the DC area, I can’t recommend PLNT Burger enough. It’s crazy good.
Things We Learned From This Episode
  1. Get in the habit of questioning your habits and what you eat, do and say. Often times we get stuck in behaviors that don’t serve our highest good. There are incredible plant based options now, like Beyond Meat, that are made with incredible ingredients and with out GMO’s, soy and other additives.
  2. We are all like an oak tree that started as an acorn, every one of us has massive potentiality for greatness and for making an impact. Think about how you really want to nourish the seed that is you.
  3. The values of PLNT Burger (which also stands for plant, planet and plentiful) are great tenets to live by: Bring people joy, respect and celebrate all of life, act with intention, connect to the source and create positive change together.
  4. You can have your burger and eat your plants too. ?


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