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Laura Lynne Jackson on How to Access Your Psychic Powers

Tuning in to Your Intuition with Laura Lynne Jackson

Meet Laura Lynne Jackson

Laura Lynne Jackson, an international speaker, teacher, and practicing psychic medium, is the author of the New York Times bestsellers The Light Between Us, and Signs: The Secret Language of the Universe.


Jackson was a full-time high school English teacher for nearly 20 years before fully embracing her path and dedicating herself to honoring our connections to each other, our earthly existence, and to the other side. She is dedicated to working with scientists in order to explore and understand the survival of consciousness outside of bodily death, as well as teaching people how to open to their own psychic and intuitive abilities in order to fully step into and embrace their divine energy and live their best lives.


Laura currently works as a research medium with the Windbridge Institute and serves on the board of the Forever Family Foundation, a nonprofit, science-based organization dedicated to helping people in grief, where she also volunteers her time and services.


Jackson has been featured on The Today Show, Dr. Oz, Fox and Friends, Good Day New York, Telemundo, the Tokyo-based Fuji Television Network, The Huffington Post,,, and various news and media throughout the United States and abroad. She is currently working on her second book, Signs: The Secret Language of the Universe, due out in the spring of 2019. Jackson lives in New York with her attorney-by-day, ghost hunter-by-night husband, and their three children, all of whom are psychic. You can find Laura’s upcoming sessions at Kripalu, The Omega Institute, Gallery gatherings, and more at


Tuning in to Your Intuition

There are some significant takeaways from our conversation. One of the most crucial things Laura said, and that I want you to know is that we ALL have the ability to tune into our intuition, to access our psychic abilities. It’s just a matter of practicing, giving our monkey mind a rest (meditation or doing things where our minds go offline, like washing dishes or doing laundry), and keeping track of the evidence of receiving intuitive signs and information. Tuning in to your intuition is something we are all capable of. I love Laura’s humility, grace, and ability to teach us how to tune in to our intuition, making this accessible for all.


 Are You Psychic?

In talking to Laura Lynne Jackson, she touched on some helpful information for anyone wondering if they have or can develop these intuitive gifts too. Her knowledge and tips are insightful. This is what she shared:


  1. We’re all connected by cords of light to the other side. We all have a team of light beings, spirit guides, and loved ones who’ve passed on that are here to guide and love us. We are never alone.
  2. No one needs a psychic, as we all have the ability to connect. It starts by being open to this connection and letting go of fear or doubt.
  3. A great way to connect with a loved one who has transitioned is to ask for signs. Laura recommends asking for an obscure song, phrase, number, and animal as a sign with that person. Make a note of when you see these signs and how you felt. I personally keep an ‘Evidence Journal’ to remind myself of all the love from past loved ones.
  4. We all have access to 1 or all of the 4 ‘Clairs’; Clair Voyant (the ability to see without your physical eyes, cognitive dreams), Clair Sentient (the most common one we have; a gut feeling, reading energy, sensation located in your solar plexus), Clair Audient (the ability to hear something that is not your voice such as a name, yes or no answer) and Clair Cognizance (knowing something in your being). We are all able to perceive energy, and we are all made of energy.
  5. Meditating and learning to still your mind, asking for signs and connection, thanking your team of light beings when you do receive a message, and sharing it with others are all ways to increase your abilities to access your beloved team of love and light.


Final Thoughts

In today’s world, we are so busy, so distracted that we fail to take the time to see the signs, to truly acknowledge the information that is being downloaded to us in our everyday lives. But being still, being quiet, and allowing ourselves to be open to receiving will strengthen the signs you are being given.


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