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Living Life in the Front Row with Jon Vroman

Jon Vroman inspires others to Live Life In The Front Row™ by teaching the art of moment making. He is an award-winning speaker, #1 bestselling author of The Front Row Factor, podcast host and founder of Front Row Foundation, a charity creating front row experiences for individuals who brave life-threatening illnesses.You will be incredibly inspired by Jon, his realization of what’s most important to living a fulfilled life and the making of The Front Row Foundation.

Jon is not only a wise mentor and coach, but someone I am deply inspired by and proud to call a friend. Jon is all about being a contribution to the world, and he will empower you to think of new ways to make an impact, no matter what that looks like, and how to add front row moments to your own life. Tune in to learn how to take your own life’s contribution and impact to the next level. 

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