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Magnify Your Miracles with Master Intuitive Healer, Rev. Frances Fayden

Rev. Frances Fayden is an Interfaith Minister and founder of Magnify Your Miracle. A master intuitive healer and spiritual counselor, Frances is fluent in the language of the human energy field known as the chakra system and can quickly translate energetic information to help her clients heal & transform.
In 2012, Frances had a profound encounter with Mother Mary, which changed the direction of her life and awakened her life purpose. She has been channeling messages from Mother Mary ever since. She loves working with Highly Sensitive & Highly Creative Spiritual Women who have a big vision and mission yet are seeking validation and personal guidance with their next steps. Frances says “By incorporating Mother Mary’s guidance along with feedback from your own energy field, and then applying the Universal Laws of Manifestation, miracles can occur.” She is the author of the books Meditation is Friendship with God and How to Recognize God. Her passion is connecting people to the unconditional love of the Divine, and then teach them how to magnify that connection, which is the key to Magnifying Your Miracle. You can find Rev. Frances at or
I have had the blessing of both working with Rev. Frances as an intuitive healer (which is beyond mind-blowing), participating in her tele-classes and community calls to call in the Divine Feminine energy and have been in a mastermind community of entrepreneurial healers. While she invokes the presence of Mother Mary, it is truly a Universal divine frequency of love. For some, it might be Mother Mary, Divine Mother, Divine Feminine, Spirit, Higher Self, the Universe or Oneness…or whatever name you might use.
We go deep into the land of spiritual connection, how to tap into your own intuition and find support from the other side (however you define that) and emotional healing. If this sparks interest, I highly recommend starting with Rev. Frances’s Insight session to experience this yourself and feel the effects of her emotional healing work. She has helped me to heal so much of my own emotional energy and body.
Things We Learned From This Episode
  • We all are wired to have intuition and we’re all wired differently.To find out how you’re wired, ask yourself questions such as ‘What am I seeing?‘ ‘What am I hearing?‘ ‘What am I feeling?‘. Some of us are wired to hear inner wisdom, others get a visual or picture in your mind’s eye and some of you feel your intuition in your gut or through goosebumps. It’s about the practice and spending time cultivating this deeper listening.
  • There are spiritual Laws of the Universe that greatly assist you in manifesting what you want.In addition to the Law of Attraction, there is the Law of Vibration (your energy will attract similar energy) and the Law of Cause and Effect, for example. All are powerful in understanding and working with to magnify your miracles.

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