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Meet the CEO of Insight Timer, #1 Meditation App, Christopher Plowman

Christopher Plowman, is the CEO of Insight Timer, the world’s #1 free meditation app where more time is spent meditating than all other meditation apps. Insight Timer is the home to more than 8,000,000 meditators. Four years ago, Christopher’s brother, Nicho, quit the corporate world to become a meditation teacher, & in 2014, they decided to merge experiences by launching a meditation company. Insight Timer has guided meditations and talks led by the world’s top meditation and mindfulness experts, neuroscientists, psychologists and teachers from Stanford, Harvard, the University of Oxford and more. There are music tracks from world-renowned artists. You can join millions learning to meditate on Insight Timer to help calm your mind, reduce anxiety, manage stress, sleep deeply and improve happiness.
Christopher believes meditation is slowly (but surely) becoming mainstream, not just in Silicon Valley, but in regional communities all around the world. Insight Timer changed my life and health by learning to slow down and fall in love with meditation, and I am gratefully one of the teachers on the app.
Christopher talks very openly, authentically and vulnerably about his ambition to lead consciously (providing free meditations to everyone) and following through commercially. I know you’ll be incredibly inspired by his commitment to keep this app as a resource available to anyone and goal to grow Insight Timer to a community of 100 million meditating users. There are meditations from 37 different religions and spiritual communities, and in 47 different languages.
Things We Learned From This Episode
  • Christopher talked about his belief in this consciously focused business model and the faith he’s putting in the universe to grow the community of meditators. There are many other meditation apps that charge fees and won’t allow for spirituality and religious focused meditations. Insight Timer is all about growing its community from a place of as much diversity as possible.
  • Insight Timer is paving the way to a new paradigm for businesses to be consciously focused first and is all about the power of inclusion, diversity, and community. I’d love to see other companies and corporations follow suit.
  • Meditation is essential and something for everyone to try. Even though Christopher talked openly about it being challenging sometimes, it has helped to round out the corners of his edges and have more focus and presence.
  • Insight Timer is a meditation buffet full to the brim with an enormous variety of music, meditations, talks, courses, and truly something for everyone.
Check out the app Insight Timer on your phone or go to I can’t recommend this app enough. When I was struggling with my health and thyroid disease, Insight Timer helped me to get more calm, peaceful and begin a practice that has changed my life. There are many amazing meditatinos to try. Should you be interested, I have felt blessed to have 20 meditations, talks, courses and programs on

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