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Meet the CEO of Life Time, Bahram Akradi

Bahram Akradi founded Life Time®️, the premier healthy lifestyle brand, in 1992 with a goal of helping people meet their health and wellness goals. Akradi strongly believed that Life Time should serve the member need first, and business success would follow, an idea that at the time, flipped the industry – known for long-term contracts – on its head. Bahram was also just named Minneapolis Business Journal’s 2020 Executive of the Year.
Now, more than 27 years later, Akradi has evolved Life Time’s business beyond its high-end athletic resorts and spas to change the way people live, work and play. Most recently, Life Time announced Akradi’s latest innovation with Life Time Living: new, high-end leased residences thoughtfully designed to inspire a holistically healthy lifestyle. Prior to that, Akradi and the Life Time team launched Life Time Work, a premium coworking space that was designed with healthy, balanced lifestyles in mind. Both company extensions continue Bahram’s vision to create spaces for healthy living, healthy entertaining and healthy aging.
With operations in 39 major markets across 29 states and Canada, Akradi continues to apply his more than 35 years of experience in to transform the health and wellness industry. Akradi noticed the changing retail landscape and formed partnerships with major developers across the nation to transform vacant anchor store fronts into large, mixed-use lifestyle centers that bring thousands of people closer to where they live, work and play each day. As a result, Life Time now has 85-100 projects in its pipeline. And ultimately, a solution that encompasses the full spectrum of daily life for individuals, couples and families of all ages through its Life Time Villages – Life Time Athletic Resort, Life Time Work and Life Time Living.
I love interviewing successful entrepreneurs who have created businesses and services that are truly transforming and uplifting humanity. Bahram shares so eloquently about his dedication, commitment and focus to create healthier people and a healthier planet. The wisdom shared were all centered around knowing yourself well; what motivates you and what doesn’t and finding ways to utilize your strengths and talents. Here are some of my favorite take-aways:
Things We Learned From This Episode
  1. A dream with out goals, a focus or a plan, won’t lead to your desired result. Conversely, when you string the details, objectives, goals and strategies to your vision, you can end up creating something beyond what you dreamt or envisioned.
  2. Building any successful business or operation takes time, grit, flexibility and incredible focus and faith. While Life Time has over 100 million visitors each year today, the company didn’t start that way and took many hours and sleepless challenges to become what it is today.
  3. Putting your health first allows you to add more nourishment and health to the planet. It starts with yourself first and making sure your health is paramount.

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