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Meet the ‘Meanest Woman Alive’ who has Kick Assets to Share with Linda Smith

Linda Smith, all of 4′ 10″ is one badass and bold woman on a mission to empower women to be confident, self-assured and know their kick assets. Author of the book, ‘The Meanest Woman Alive’, and as one of the leading and most successful female lawyers in the country, Linda shares ways to change the game for women in the workplace, and beyond.

She has a growing ‘Meanest Woman Alive’ Facebook community of 300,000 people sharing and connecting over how to level the playing field for women; be it wages, opportunity, fairness and ending harassment of all kind. Linda discusses how men can get involved too, and how we can all take charge to shift the way women are viewed in the workplace. Ironicially, in getting to know Linda Smith, I can attest to her being exceptionally gracious, generous, genuine and I dare say, kind.

This is one powerful interview with a self proclaimed gladiator for good, looking to create lasting change for all women.

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