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New Season: Unleash The You-est You

Unleashing your You-est You, is about the freedom to be your best self. In doing this, we let go of constraints, constructs and limited beliefs that we hold about ourself. We all do this as human beings, but the good news is that these thoughts can be uncovered, reviewed, and with love and attention, transformed.
Ways to Unleash your Highest Potential:
  1. Get quiet and go within. Whatever your idea or thoughts are about meditation, I encourage you to revisit them. Redefine meditation so it serves you. I like to think about it as taking a nourishing time out where I can breathe, release and tune in. As you know, I am a huge fan of Insight Timer and if you’re interested, I have a ton of meditations up there for free!
    Just go to: ?Check out this app and see what meditation style works for you, mine may not be the best fit for you. Find ones that speak to your you-est you!
  2. Journal to tap into your intuition. I like to call this Intuitive Journaling. Get any journal you like and after being still, ask yourself big open ended questions that don’t need a yes or no answer. Ask questions like, ‘What can I do today that will feed my spirit?’ ‘What are ways to be more loving to myself today and to others?’ or ‘How might I better nourish my body and mind today?’ I invite you to pause, and allow your hand to write whatever comes up. Do not edit. Do not censor. Just allow for stream of consciousness writing. It might be a paragraph or 4 pages. Don’t stop until you feel complete. This is an excellent way to build your intuition and deeper connection to your higher self.
  3. Make more time for unadulterated play. This has been a bigggg lesson for me. Making time for play and fun often was at the bottom of my list and as a result, I often felt sad, frustrated and like something was missing. I am seeing the power of adding in time for joy – – – a way to get started is to think back to what made you feel alive when you were little. I used to love looking for shapes in the clouds or dancing to music. It can be anything that raises your vibe.
Tune into the rest of the episode to find out the other ways to be fully self-expressed as your best YOU!
Here’s to unleashing your you-est you!!

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Here’s to your being your you-est you!

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