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Samantha Moultrup on Being a Psychic Medium

Samantha Moultrup is a mom of two, entrepreneur and psychic intuitive. She is able to access higher consciousness to deliver messages, guidance and empowering information.

You can learn more about Samantha and dive deeper with her at: or in her Facebook group @thesoultherapist where she does impromptu readings, shares inspirational messages and connects.

Ok, my friends, this is one of my favorite topics to explore and in this convo, we go pretty darn deep. Hope you enjoy, and feel free to reach out to Sam with any Q’s or thoughts after listening.

Things You’ll Learn From This Episode

  1. Every one of us has intuition and the ability to cultivate it. We’ll get into ways to do this. One of the first things you can do is to start tuning in to your gut feelings. Notice when you have one, where you feel it, what you are hearing or sensing and take note of what happened when you listened (or didn’t listen).
  2. Other ways to cultivate your intuition: start to ask your guides (angels, higher consciousness or whatever you call this team of support) for little things. Sam talked about asking for a parking spot near the shopping carts so it was easier with her children. Start with small asks. Share your experiences with safe and trusted friends, and keep a journal where you can write down what’s happening, your feelings and experiences and any signs or symbols you’re noticing. Journaling allows you to go back and review what has happened.
  3. We are all made of energy and energy is contagious (whether it’s positive or negative energy). You will attract the same energy that you are emitting.
  4. The more time you take to take care of your self and your wellbeing, the more you’ll be able to access your gifts, talents, and intuition.

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