Success is a Healing Path with Rev. Frances Fayden | Julie Reisler

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Success is a Healing Path with Rev. Frances Fayden

welcome my friend to the U S.
To podcast.
I'm Julie Wrestler, and I am so honored to have you here in this show.
In community, you'll find huge hearted overachievers who want to turn on their inner light, learn to trust their heart wisdom and help raise the consciousness of this planet just like you.

Whether I'm sharing a conversation with a fellow light worker luminary or a solo cast about navigating life as an empath, my goal is the same.
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you are pure, positive, divine light born to shine, to live from your heart and to be your fullest.
You ist you.
Yeah, yeah.
Us to your listener.
It is Julie here as your host.

And I am so grateful to be here with you today.
This is, uh this is a conversation that is so close to my heart.
You are going to get to meet one of the greatest, most brilliant,

wise and just incredibly gifted souls I know.
And for some of you, you might have met Reverend Francis Feed, and she appeared a little over almost two years ago.
So this conversation is going to be very rich,

and I'm just grateful.
I know you have many places you can be.
Thank you for joining in today on this episode.
Let me tell you a little bit about Reverend Francis Feed and who you're going to get to know.
Reverend Francis Brennan is an interfaith minister and an energetic success coach and co founder of the Magnify Your Miracles Membership.

A master, intuitive healer and spiritual counselor, Francis is fluent in the language of the human energy field known as the chakra system and can quickly translate energetic information to help her clients heal and transform.
In 2012,

Francis had a profound encounter with Mother Mary, which changed the direction of her life and awakened her life purpose.
She has been channeling messages from other Mary ever since.
She loves working with highly sensitive souls.

I am one of them who have a big vision and mission and yet are seeking validation and personal guidance with their next steps.
Francis says that by incorporating Mother Mary's guidance, along with feedback from your own energy field and then applying the universal laws of manifestation,

that is where miracles occur.
She is the author of the books.
Meditation is Friendship with God and How to recognize God.
Her passion is connecting people to the unconditional love of the divine and then teach them how to magnify that connection, which is the key to magnifying your miracles.

So, So happy to have you here today.
Yeah, I'm so excited to be here.
Thank you, Julie.
Yeah, it's like, you know, So we we chat all the time.
I'm so grateful for that.

um, there are many times we've had conversations and, like her, and I wish we were recording this would have been amazing episode.
And it was about a week or two ago.
We were talking about your next book you're working on.

Um, success is a healing path, which I heard you say that and I literally had this, like, entire charge through my being And I was like, Okay, we must talk about this here.

So let's start there because I think this is a topic.
You know, I know you do a lot of brilliant, beautiful work with highly sensitive with spiritual entrepreneurs, and this is a not one size fits all type of way of being.

And yeah, let's just jump in.
Let's talk about why this book success is a healing path.
And what is it about? And let's get in.
Yeah, I'm so glad that you mentioned it and said, Let's focus on this because it's really helped my own mind to become even more clear about what I've been observing over the last 20 plus 2025 plus years of working with my own clients doing coaching work.

Um, the people that gravitate towards me tend to be highly sensitive, highly creative people have a big, big vision.
They're here to do something big in the world, but they tend to struggle with what I call 3rd and 4th chakra issues.

Third chakra would be your self esteem yourself.
Worth heart chakra would be the willingness to be seen and be vulnerable.
Um, and a lot of us come from dysfunctional childhood background kind of a thing, whether that's alcoholism or mental illness or neglect or,

you know, whatever it might be.
And I think it's highly sensitive people.
It impacts us maybe even more than maybe the average person.
And so it's something that's kind of present with a lot of the people that I work with, and I've just noticed that the typical hyper masculine Go,

go, go break through that barrier.
It doesn't really work.
It doesn't work for me at all.
Um, and it definitely doesn't work with my clients.
And yet I've been able to see, especially in this last year,

which was a really challenging year.
My clients getting really amazing results, and it made me go well.
Why what's what's different about it? And that's when I started to see that success.
It's not a destination.

I kept thinking that like, I'll heal this and I'll heal that and then I'll get there and no, you don't get there.
It's like healing is the path itself, and the more you are able to heal on the inside,

whether that's your self esteem or your ability to receive or whatever it might be, the success is proportional to that.
So that's the thing I've really seen is that you go.
You go down to Barnes and Noble and you'll see book after book after book of how to be successful.

And they're just not speaking to us as highly sensitive people, especially as women but even highly sensitive men.
Still, it's not gonna work for you.
There's a more natural process that I've noticed, and that's what I love to take people through.

And that's what I wanted to share with you today.
I love this for so many reasons.
Number one being very highly if you could be one of our high, high, high sensitive is That's it.
Um I know,

I'm path.
Many listening have identified that way.
Um, and I love what you're saying because, you know, I know for me and I'm assuming others listening like I have tried to, like,

smash this and break through that and, you know, just get your goals and some of that, you know, might work.
But that energy tends to be overwhelming.
And I almost feel at this point, like I can feel my adrenals are like,

so sorry.
We're gonna We're gonna just shut down.
But I love I love what you're saying.
That there's another way, and then that way is actually it's a healing process.
It's something,

you know, And having gotten to work with you great gratefully over these last few years, Like I can tell you I mean, I I know this intuitively.
I know this from the work we've done, I can feel the difference.

And I think some of it to maybe curious what you think about this or feel about this.
But there's also this permission peace and realizing there's nothing wrong with you.
Like I really had a look and see.

There's nothing wrong with me because, you know, I'm not somebody who can like of that kind of harsh energy.
I don't do well with that.
Oh, yeah.
I really think that feeling safe is the key to being able to step into whatever your next level of success is.

And if you didn't have a lot of stability when you were a kid, if you didn't have a lot of emotional support when you were little, I know that.
You know, we talk about childhood stuff a lot,

but it really is the foundation, especially from like the day that you're born until you're about seven or eight, you're really vulnerable and you're really open.
And you're just this little sponge,

it's taking everything in.
So whatever you witnessed, if you saw things that in your today it might not be scary to you, but as a little tiny one, it might have been scary.
So maybe you saw your father working 12 hours a day,

and then maybe he got sick.
Or maybe you saw your mother like having to juggle three jobs or whatever it might be.
All of those things create impressions in you, and then the most important thing is the most vulnerable part of you needs to feel safe in order to go beyond.

And so there's all this talk about, like breaking through your You have to live outside your comfort zone.
And, you know, I've said you told this to you, Julie,

and that makes me laugh.
It's like my goal is to be the first millionaire who stays inside my comfort zone that I like that.
But let me clarify, though.
What that means is my goal is to expand my comfort zone to be a million dollar comfort zone.
So right now,

whatever you're making, whatever level of success you have, if you're an entrepreneur or whatever, you know, whatever it is that you're doing where you are, that is your comfort zone.

And so the traditional idea is to push outside that comfort zone and be outside of it all the time.
Well, if you have any kind of, you know, inner challenges, any emotional stuff that you grew up with,

you might do that for a little while, and then it's gonna boomerang and it's gonna smack right back.
So we've all heard these stories of people who have made a million dollars, and then they lost it all.

Why is that? Because they pushed and they did everything.
But they weren't really ready.
They didn't really match like you always talk about being a vibrational match for for whatever it is, they weren't a vibrational match for it.

They didn't have the beliefs to support it.
And then boom, they lose it all and then they come back and they go, Okay, let me start over.
And now they know what to do.
But interestingly,

if you look at the a lot of the people who are millionaires and billionaires Oprah never did that.
Oprah never went and, like, pushed out of her comfort zone and then, you know,

lost everything.
Because she grew in public, her comfort zone got bigger and bigger and bigger as she got more comfortable.
And so she never went through that boomerang.
At least not that we know of,

um, that I've seen so many of these, you know, millionaires from the 19 thirties or whatever.
You read their biographies, it's all the same.
They have a boom, they have a bust.

And I think it's because it's I don't think we're wired that way.
I don't think we're wired to go like that.
And then, you know, I think we're supposed to grow Okay.
I just love so many things you said and like,

let me manage myself because I have a lot of well, and I'm thinking even we've talked about this.
The idea of you just said natural, what's organic? And you look at nature.
It doesn't typically like you don't I don't think a flower I don't think it just all the sudden goes from the bottom to,

like raises up to the big sunflower.
I mean, that doesn't happen.
Kind of what you're saying to.
It's like, you know, um, for those of us that identify and maybe we can talk in a minute like, how do you know that you're highly sensitive?

And then how do you do this healing path? Um, but I'm thinking if you identify somebody who feels emotions, you are feel sensitive.
Um, that type of, like just get outside your comfort zone all the time and, you know,

It's very shocking.
It feels shocking to my system.
I think that's what you're saying.
And I'm thinking about the flower.
I'm like, Wait a minute, that's not even organic or natural.

That's not what happens exactly.
And that, you know, the analogy that I like to use is like the day that a woman becomes pregnant is not the day that she gives birth.
You know,

if she had to give birth the same day she got pregnant, it would be extremely traumatic for her body, her body.
Over the course of nine months, her bones are going to start to her pelvis is going to change and her belly is going to stretch and her uterus is gonna go like all these things happen, so that by the time that baby is coming,

even though it still might be out of her comfort zone, the body is ready for it because she's expanded her capacity to maintain another life within her.
It's a very similar type of a thing,

I think, where we need to expand our ability to contain more energy, whether that energy is money or recognition or free time or, you know, whatever it might be, we need to expand our ability to be that to receive that,

to accept that and it's a process.
It's not something that you can just go to a weekend seminar and push, push, push, and in fact, when you're having a baby, it's like you're not supposed to be like forcing anything to happen.

You're supposed to be moving with that energy.
So what I really recommend and I love doing is helping people become aware of what your processes like.
Where is your comfort zone? And how can we start to very gently stretch that for you?

How can so you're still going to go outside of it a little bit, but you're not going to be scaring yourself because that's going to be counterproductive.

like you said, your adrenals will start to go.
It's just a It's just not helpful.
And it's just the only model that we see.
And it makes me sad because there's so many of us that feel like, Oh,

I'm not successful because I can't do it that way.
Whereas if you do it your way, it can be so fast.
It can change just like that, but it's not changing because you're pushing.
It's changing because you're allowing.

This is Timmy.
It's revolutionary.
I don't I don't see a lot of this.
I mean, it's one of the reasons I adore you and I love your style and I love what you're saying because it's natural and there's a there's an intuitive piece to this? Um,

I'm curious.
So I'm just thinking for those that are listening.
And they're like, how do I know if I'm highly sensitive or if I'm a spiritual entrepreneur, are their qualities you have seen with those that you've worked with or yourself or others that you think kind of will help,

like litmus test like you might be this if and then we can also talk about how to find your comfort zone.
Sure, absolutely.
So if you're listening to this podcast, you probably are.

You and I draw highly sensitive people to us.
But on a more serious note, um, highly sensitive people.
First of all, everybody's sensitive.
It's a spectrum, okay.

And so, like, I'm I'm not quite an empath.
My wife is an empath.
I think you're an empath.
Empathy is kind of the on a scale of 1 to 10.
It's pretty much at 10.
In terms of sensitivity,

I'm more like like a 9 9.
I'm pretty sensitive, but there's this whole range in between there, and so we all have some level of sensitivity.
Unless we're doing something to specifically dull that sensitivity like drugs, alcohol,

whatever workaholism.
We all have that sensitivity to some level people who are a little bit more highly sensitive.
You might notice that your you're highly creative.
They usually go hand in hand very often.

Um, a lot of people who are really sensitive when I say are you consider yourself creative.
They're, like, new, but they're all creative, totally creative because we're connected in with spirit.

you might notice that you have, um, some food sensitivities.
You might be really sensitive to your environment like, um, and you can be an introvert or an extrovert and still be highly sensitive.
So it depends.

Sometimes, um, it's really about your awareness if you notice things a lot, you know, if you're like, some people can go into a building and they can feel like something was weird in this building like what happened, but because everybody's sensitive in a different way,

like my wife is really great with that clear sentience where she can walk in the building and be like, this is not a good place to work.
Like she can really tell that I'm not sensitive in that way.
But I'm very sensitive and being able to,

um feel what's going on with other people.
I can.
I can feel their emotions.
I know what's going on with them.
I'm able to read energy from thousands of miles away, so there's a lot of different things that you can look at to see.

But I would say if you are really attracted to, um these topics, if you're really creative and if you're on a spiritual path, you're probably a highly sensitive person because if you're not connected, you're not going to be searching and you're not going to be.

That's there's a certain level of sensitivity to even say there might be something beyond what my senses can tell me.
Yeah, no.
And I love this.
I don't know that I've heard it that way.
And I think that makes sense that it's a spectrum,

um, Spectrum, Yeah, and And I will say If you're listening and you're drawn to any of these episodes, you probably are higher on the spectrum because like you said, um but I love also,

you know, I think for many, and I know for myself, it used to feel like, um kind of a It was a challenge, to be honest, the challenge and something I didn't want to have.

and I love what you said that I hadn't really thought about it.
You know that It's, um, the highly creative and that deeper awareness and it really to me, the other word that came up was like,

It's being awake exactly, like being awake, um, to more than just what you're seeing before the eye.
Yeah, you can just sense it's like, How do you know when you don't know how you know? Because because you're sensing something and that's the level of sensitivity.

It's kind of going beyond just our five senses.
So in terms of and then I do want to come to the chakra work that you do, too.
But I'm thinking like this whole success is a healing path when so you know that you're sensitive, or let's say someone listening is like,

I think I'm a seven or above like I'm in that that higher sensitivity space, um interesting either being an entrepreneur or perhaps have that spirit because I know many people.
In fact,

I know in my world quite a few moms that maybe haven't left to do their own thing yet but have that spirit or have a side coaching practice or a side practice doing, organizing or functionary or whatever vision,

right? They have a vision of something like that.
Could be a mom.
Maybe they want to write a book or something, right? Yes, exactly.
So how do you find out your comfort zone? I think this is brilliant,

because now I've learned of this through bumping into what's not my comfort, meaning bumping into the walls of like, Well, that does not feel good at all.
It's had to come that way for me in many ways.

But maybe there's a kinder, softer, gentler way to figure this out.
Yeah, so can I share a story with you? I'm gonna go.
Yeah, sure, Whatever you want.
I want to share this story.
And then let's make sure after I tell the story that we answered this question that you're asking because you were going.

But part of what I realized is like, I don't know.
Maybe it was like 15 years ago was a long time ago.
I was in, You know, one of these seminars in a hotel somewhere with a best selling New York Times best selling author who was trying to get 200 people in the room to have a breakthrough.
You know,

these kind of seminar kind of things and very much.
Um, you know, he was a good author, but very much like you're gonna do it.
And it was really good information, but then he took it.

He was trying to take all of us at the same time through this exercise.
And Julie, the exercise was that there was an arrow with a metal tip on the end, and I'm trying to remember exactly.

I think it was like you were holding it up against the wall or something like that.
And you put it right at the like, the nape of your neck and you had to, like,

walk into the arrow.
That was the exercise.
And the arrow represented whatever you were afraid of or, you know, whatever it might be.
And he got up on stage and he demonstrated it.
And you see that the arrow would snap and all that.

So everybody in the room is like getting up and doing this thing, and they're pushing through and blah, blah, blah.
It's just and for me.
I was like, I don't want to do this.
And it wasn't because I was afraid that the error was going to hurt me.

It wasn't because of, you know, some looming thing.
The thing that I was really afraid of was the message I was sending to my subconscious mind, which is you have to be willing to hurt yourself to succeed.

And I was like, I am not doing this.
I am not doing this.
This is a real And we get this message over and over again that that's the breaking out of your comfort zone.
Now I understand.

Like if you want to reach your goal and you're sitting on the sofa and you're not doing anything, you know, you're not going to get very far.
I understand that.
And I understand that for the average person,

most people need a kick in the butt to kind of like get them going when you're a highly sensitive person.
That might not be the case for you, and this could be like traumatizing.
So for me,

I was like, you know, my wife went up and did it because she's just like a warrior.
That's how she is.
And I was like, I'm just not comfortable doing this.
I'm not.

And the lady next to me said, You know, there's all kinds of ways to have a breakthrough.
And I took that arrow and I broke it on my life.
And I was like, There's the breakthrough.

And the breakthrough for me was I'm doing this my way, and hurting myself isn't going to be part of the story.
So So chills get married? Yeah.
How have I not heard this? I'm like,

I've known you a long time.
Like what? That is an amazing story.
Yeah, I felt like that was divine mother, like, you know, whispering to me.
There's all kind of ways to have a breakthrough.
And I was like,

Yeah, it's not just about.
Stay up all night and burn the candle at both ends, and then you get, you know, chronic fatigue or whatever it might be.
And I worked with so many, especially the women who are just there,

like, how come I'm struggling? I'm doing all the quote right things, but they're not doing the things that are right for them energetically.
And that's the piece where feedback is so important.
And so you're asking me how can we find out what my comfort zone is?

Well, if you look at your life right now, you're in it like whatever is going on right now in your life.
Unless you're trying to specifically go out of it, you're probably in your comfort zone.

You're earning what you're comfortable earning your spending time with people that you're comfortable spending time with, your spending, your days, the way that you're comfortable spending it.
So whatever you're doing right now,

you're probably in that comfort zone.
The question then becomes how can we start to like a little balloon? Start to very gently take small steps, which I say small steps.
But that doesn't mean that they're insignificant steps.

They're actually when when it's something that's appropriate for you, it can have a really big impact, even though it's a small what seems like a small step.

brilliant, Brilliant.
And I want to say this even that in itself, like read wiring yourself to be okay with these.
As you said, I loved it, how to how to take very gentle, small steps.

We live.
I mean, I get it We're in a culture where it's like I want to see the big reward, the big ending, and it's like no, like, really kind of like what nature does or the pregnancy, which was a brilliant example.

It's the you know, And I remember actually, when I was pregnant, there was a journal.
I remember this every day and I'm like, What am I looking for every day? But there was this journal that I told you every day what was happening.

It was like today the cells split and then they split again and I was like, Wow, let me celebrate the cells split again and wow.
Okay, now there's not just a heart.
There's there's like a lung and another look like That was a great example.

I remember this journal, which was very annoying, because I really was, like, ready for 29 months, like I don't want to do it, you know? Right.
I want to just get there when I get to the destination, which is what you said in the beginning,

which is there is no there.
There is no there.
Yeah, to know that it's a healing path.
I think this is the place where we can be kind to ourselves because we can feel either or either I'm healing or I'm successful.
And I was working with a coach probably about eight years ago who was really successful.

But I noticed it's like everybody on his staff.
They were all out of shape.
They were all overweight.
They all worked crazy hours, and I was like, There's a belief here.
You know,

that doesn't really line up with me.
Even though he made great money, there was a belief that in order to succeed, you have to fill in the blank, burn the candle at both ends, whatever it might be.

And I'm just here to say That's not the path, my friends, the path to success.
It's healing every step you take as you feel more confident.
And that's what's so important.

you know, this is the key to success is really confidence.
You feel good about yourself.
You feel good about what you're doing.
You project this especially if you have your own business like you project this confidence and even if you don't have your own business like if you're a parent, having confidence is really important.

When you're like dealing with kids like they need to feel your sense of, you know, that you're in your power.
That's really, really key.
And so building up that confidence is about getting feedback.
A lot of us who grew up with,

you know, God bless our parents.
But either they weren't available for whatever their reasons were, um, we didn't get the kind of feedback Kids thrive on feedback.
That's why there was like Mom,

Mom, look, look, look what I'm doing Because they want to get that feedback, it helps boost their confidence.
If you didn't get that, for whatever reason, you can still get it.

It's not like I missed out.
You can still get that feedback.
That's one of the things in my own work that I love.
And I think with any coach in any practitioner that's really helpful is they give you specific feedback feedback that's specific to you because now you know.

I did the thing.
And now, like in my case, like I look at your energy and I say, How did the thing work for you? Whether you went for a walk or whatever you did, it's showing up in your energy.

It gives like you're saying with the pregnancy book, it gives you that that little boost of confidence of like, Oh, it's working, It's working, And that can really make a huge difference for people.
I love this whole process and what we're talking about.

It also has such a again such an organic thread throughout it.
It's, um it takes out, to be honest.
Even when you said confidence, you know, I wanted to distinguish because I think there's the the ego inflated confidence and that's not what we're talking about.
What the image I got was like,

You know, I saw this the first of the year.
I saw this image of like the Divine holding my hand actually tried to dry.
It did not come out well, but I'm looking at it right now.
It was like using my glitter pens to draw like my hand,

and what would be the divine hands? Great.
It was just this great image of this energetic like golden energy hand holding my hand, and to me, you know, confidence when you feel that power with when you feel that connection is super different than you know,

the confidence that.
I think we sometimes see that could that overtly, um, you know that that the ego driven.
And so when you said that I'm like, this confidence you're talking about is such a even that is a different type of confidence.
It really is,

you know, because, you know, I work with the chakras all the time, So when I'm working with people, it's what I'm doing them evaluating.
Where are they? What's going on?

Well, the chakra system.
If you're not familiar with it, it's There's seven major energy centers.
1234567 And so three is the solar plexus.
That's the one where if you have confidence issues, either arrogance,

which is kind of what you're talking about or lack of confidence, it's going to show up wobbly in that third energy center.
But that third energy center part of its job, is to support the heart center.

And so this is why if you want to do your purpose in the world, you have to feel worthy.
You have to have confidence, and so some of the things you know it's that confidence of knowing that you are divine, that you have a purpose that you are.

You know you're not better than other people, but you're not less than other people, either.
And when that third chakra, it's like the sun, it's bright and shiny and warm.
It supports that beautiful heart center.

And that's where your deep wisdom, your life purpose, your ability to give and receive love.
They're so connected.
And a lot of the people that come to me have issues in those because that's probably where I have issues as well.
It's like if you don't have a strong third chakra,

it's really hard to attract the love of your life because you're not gonna feel worthy, you know.
So there's so much that needs to happen in that third center and you're right.
It's not about puffing up your ego.

It's about really connecting with your true essence and being power filled, filled with power, not powerful power filled so that you're feeling confident in who you actually are not who you think you need to be.
Oh my gosh,

That is so well said, I'm like we could go into the chakras for about a year.
So you guys, you can tell I mean seriously this for me.
This is the gift I get almost daily these conversations with you, Francis.

And it's like I've said, I'm like we're going to record this because people need to hear it and I think what you're saying.
It's it's also it just gives if you were looking for permission today, permission is granted from I feel like it's like are,

you know, tuning into that higher energy of allowing ourselves to to like you said, Break the arrow.
I love that story so much like, why go against the point of the arrow like the breakthrough is doing it your way.
And the truth is,

I was thinking, I know we were talking where you know snowing and you saw this beautiful snowflake that you have this just all these Heather, each one is so different.
Why wouldn't be different?

You know, with us, we all have our unique our unique snowflake thumbprint.
So that is so powerful.
I am wondering, um, we'll just have to do more and more.
But one of the things so we talked about and I know when I introduced you that you are able to connect with,

and I've had the really like blessing of being on the receiving end of this Many times you're able to channel both divine Mother, Mother Mary, but also, um,

any of the arc angels any of the ascended masters? Um, really, You're just one of the most pure channels I have ever met and wanted to just give a gift to everyone listening to tune into the energy of, uh,

those that are listening and just see if maybe there was a collective message that we could share.
So when I had my experience with Mother Mary, Mother Mary actually appeared to me in 2000 and 12.
1 of the gifts that she brought with her was this ability to channel.

And I'd always been able to read energy.
And I worked as a healer.
But this ability to channel her the archangels you sent, like, all of that, that I wasn't able to do that before.
So that's totally a gift.

And I give all credit to to the divine mother.
Um, I'm gonna listen, and I'm going to ask, like, what would be really helpful for the listeners and let me see who wants to come.
Is that okay?

Okay, so just give me a moment to see who might want to be here.
Okay, so we actually have two that are here with us.
One is Mother Mary as our lady of Lourdes.
And for people who aren't familiar with Mother Mary,

um, she comes in so many different manifestations.
I almost even hesitate to call her mother Mary, because she's just such a universal energy.
She's all of our divine mother.
But one of the ways that she came was to Saint Bernadette of Lord,

And I think it was 18 58 and it's one of the most powerful healing centers and healing apparitions that's ever been recorded.
And she comes to me personally as our lady of Lourdes.
She's kind of like my personal connection with Mother Mary,

but we're recording this.
I think we're recording this pretty close to the date of the feast of our Lady of Lourdes.
And so she's all about healing, So it would be appropriate that we would be talking about that since we're talking about success as a healing path.
But I'm also seeing I've been seeing this more and more lately.

This purple light coming in that is Arcangel Zaki El Arcangel.
Ezekiel is the guardian of the seventh Ray of the divine, and it's all about transportation and, um,

freedom and being able to elevate your life through the power of forgiveness, which I love.
And so they're both here right now.
So let me ask them if they could give a message to our beautiful listeners.

so the first message I have for everybody from Mother Mary as our Lady of Lourdes, she's wanting to remind you of my sign.
Here, anything is possible wherever you are right now, Mother Mary says,

don't even don't even think about where you are because where you are has nothing to do with where you're headed and what's possible for you.
So even if you come from an awful background, even if the situation you're in right now is like,

Oh my God, how is this ever going to change when the Mary says where you are now is only an echo of your thoughts from the past? That's all they are.
It takes a little while for our thoughts to manifest.
So whatever we have now,

just an echo of whatever was happening in the past right now.
Keep your energy centered in your heart and as much as you can focus on the vibration of love so music that you love having animals in your life, that you love eating food that you love being around people that you love,

whatever it might be.
Fill your life with as much of the love vibration as you can, and it's going to sound like, Oh, I've heard that before.
This is Mother Mary saying, Do this,

do this.
This is the key to really start shifting your energy because it's all about shifting our energy, expanding what's possible? Because Mother Mary says, In order for you to be able to live the truth that anything is possible,

you have to start opening yourself to that possibility now like well, maybe, maybe just a little bit more as possible, and then you'll grow and then you'll grow.
And so that's what she's wanting everybody to hear.

I'm not sure who needs to hear that specifically, And then we have Arcangel Ezekiel energy here as well.
Here's this beautiful purple and gold vibration and let me take a look and see what he is wanting.

so part of what Arcangel Zach L.
Is saying is that you know, he's on that ray of freedom.
And a lot of times people equate success with freedom.
Like when I finally achieve this, then I'll be free.

And what he says is he's wanting you to really take a look at, almost like an inventory of all the ways your already free all the ways your already free.
We take them for granted if we live in the West.

So you know, we live in a country that we can pretty much do, you know, whatever we feel called to do.
Um, the fact that you can even listen to this.
You know this podcast whenever you want to listen to like, there's a level of freedom and he's really saying the more you focus on that feeling of being free and not waiting for it to arrive like when I get to this point,

then I'll be free, the more that energy will expand for you.
And he actually just gave me this, um, this mantra.
Yesterday I was doing my my own podcast, and it's just the mantra.

I forgive.
I forgive.
You don't even need to know who or what or when, but you just mentally say I forgive.
I forgive.
And what that does is it frees up your energy.
You don't even have to consciously know what it is.

You're sending a very loud message to the universe saying I am not holding onto anything.
So bring on the new stuff, bring on the good stuff because I am a person who forgives and I'm gonna let go.
So those are the messages.

My gosh.
So you guys are listening.
If you see this on YouTube, I actually had to grab my gel, uh, glittery pen, because that was that calls for glitter and color and beauty.
That was beautiful.

I love really resonate with all of it.
This idea of saying I forgive and not having to even go through you may not remember or know all the people or why, but I love that really resonated.

Um, and I felt it.
I could feel it for us and for anyone listening.
It just frees up the energy so that you can then, like you said, get out of the echoes of the thoughts from the past.
That was beautiful.

That was beautiful.
Oh, my gosh.
Thank you so much.
That was welcome.
So, a couple of things before we close, I want to just let everyone know.
Yes, if you would.
I know you're going to want to check out France.

Fade in and all of her.
Amazing this.
And if you go to Francis, feed in dot com slash gift.
Uh, that's where you can book a free miracle meeting.
I love the word.
I wanted to make sure I said that,

right? And I said, Meeting of the mind Make sure you spell Francis with an e, not an eye.
So it's f r A N C e S s e n.
Yeah, that'd be great.
We love to connect with anybody and hear what you're up to and what you'd love to really bring into your life.
So beautiful.

And we'll have it in the show notes as well.
Of course, it will all be here, but I always like to end with I call them heart flares.
They're kind of like those bursting I must see, like,

you know, the wings coming out of your heart there, like hold on.
It's kind of like your throat chakra connected to your heart is like I have something else that's coming through me and I know there might be a lot of things, but if there's,

like a heart flare, er, anything that you feel either I didn't ask you we didn't talk about or anything that your heart is just like, yeah, I want to share this.
So I want to give you that open mic to share heart flare if there is one.

Okay, I'm just feeling into it.
So let me feel and see if there's anything else that could be shared here.
Well, the thing that I'm feeling really is like from my heart to your heart is to let you know that I walk this path with you.
I'm not miles and miles and miles ahead.

Even though I've been doing this work for a long time, every day, one day at a time, one step at a time.
We're all succeeding, you know, one by one.
And so it's really important to know that you know, I'm right there with you.

I'm walking this healing path of success, and it's really exciting for me to have friends on the path with me.
to know that we're just taking it one day at a time, One success at a time and celebrating.

It's really important to celebrate all the little successes.
And so the healing path doesn't have to be heavy.
It can feel like a celebration.
You know, it can really feel like a celebration.
And I think that's important because sometimes I think people think healing means.

Oh, it's gonna be heavy.
No, think of it as like going up the mountain.
And as you're going up the mountain, you're dropping things off of your pack.
You know, it's like so that as you go up,

it's like, who letting go of that.
I'm letting go of that.
So by the time you get to the top of your mountain, you're like, you feel so light.
So let's make it a celebration.
Let's celebrate.

Oh, I love that.
That is beautiful, actually reminded me when I was in, um in Denali, Alaska, over 20 years ago and went on the hardest hike I've ever done where it started warm.
And then at the end of it was an iceberg E thing.

Yeah, and how you just every time I stopped and Just when I wasn't afraid of bears, I would see a new, really legit.
There was some bears that freaked me out.
I sang for 12 hours.

You could ask for people.
There are on the trip with me, but I kept looking and seeing something new.
And that reminds me of celebrating you drop, You know, I would actually was dropping clothing or adding clothing.

But it's like dropping those rocks and then really honoring what you're seeing in each step.
I love that celebration.
Which, of course, that energy that is so beautiful because it's the energy of fun and joy and compassion.
I love that.

Thank you for sharing.
Thank you.
Thank you for being you and for being one of my dearest, closest soul sister.
Twin besties.
Just wise mentors.
Reverend Francis fits a lot of hats.
A lot of crowns in my body,

and I just want to thank you.
This was so power.
Thank you.
So fun.
I know we could talk for hours, so thank you for taking some time for me.
I really appreciate it, my friend.

I am so grateful that you are part of this powerful community.
I thank you for listening to this episode, and I hope it inspires you to remember who you really are and who you chose to be in this lifetime.
I created this podcast from my own heart's desire to amplify the vibration of compassion,

kindness, abundance, love, magic and so much more both within you and the collective.
I'm honored to be your host, your friend and your companion on this life journey, and I would love your feedback.

Let me know.
What did you love? What would you love more of? What would you love to see covered on the show? And if you feel moved, please subscribe Rate and review the USU podcast so that we can continue to shift the way humanity operates and shape this beautiful collective community.
Eager to learn more about your own intuitive superpowers.

I have an amazing free assessment to help you determine what your intuitive type is.
Just visit julie Rissler dot com forward slash intuition assessment or, of course,

check out the show notes with the deepest love, admiration and respect for your usu until next time

Rev. Frances Fayden is an Interfaith Minister, an Energetic Success Coach, and co-founder of the Magnify Your Miracles membership. A master intuitive healer and spiritual counselor, Frances is fluent in the language of the human energy field known as the chakra system and can quickly translate energetic information to help her clients heal & transform. In 2012, Frances had a profound encounter with Mother Mary, which changed the direction of her life and awakened her life purpose. She has been channeling messages from Mother Mary ever since. She loves working with Highly Sensitive Souls who have a big vision and mission yet are seeking validation and personal guidance with their next steps. Frances says, “By incorporating Mother Mary’s guidance along with feedback from your own energy field, and then applying the Universal Laws of Manifestation, miracles can occur.” She is the author of the books Meditation is Friendship with God and How to Recognize God. Her passion is connecting people to the unconditional love of the Divine and then teaching them how to magnify that connection, which is the key to Magnifying Your Miracles.


What Does it Mean to Be Sensitive?

Sensitivity is a spectrum. We all have some level of sensitivity. Often highly sensitive people are very in tune with energy, be it a person’s energy or the energy of a space, home, building, or even city. Those who are highly sensitive are often highly creative and have a high level of awareness, and tend to notice things that might go undetected. Self-care is crucial for those who are higher on the sensitivity spectrum, as is having plenty of time for healing and self-care practices.


Finding Your Comfort Zone

Rather than trying to push yourself out of your comfort zone, find out how you want to expand your comfort zone. Most spiritual entrepreneurs and highly sensitive people need a different way to bring forth their vision or run a business. The healing path of success is about being kind to yourself, building confidence through seeing what’s working and what isn’t, and most importantly, knowing your worth. Rather than shocking your system by trying to go too far out of your comfort zone, remember the mother nature metaphor of pregnancy, which is about a slow shifting of capacity and expansion, one day at a time.


Celebrate All Little Successes

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The Mantra That Will Change Your Life

If you want greater freedom in your life, the key is forgiveness. Most importantly, forgiving yourself is crucial. One of the messages Rev. Frances channeled was from Archangel Zadkiel, who shared that one of the most powerful mantras you can say to yourself is, “I forgive”. You don’t even have to know who you are forgiving or why. There is no reason even to be specific as to what you are forgiving. Using it as a general statement and intention will tell your subconscious that you are ready to forgive on all levels.

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