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The 4 Common Roadblocks for new Coaches and Creatives

Meet Julie Reisler 

Julie Reisler is a mentor and certified master life coach with over ten years of coaching experience and a master’s degree in health & wellness coaching from the Maryland University of Integrative Health. Julie is the founder of the Life Designer Coach Academy, a certification for life coaches. She is also the host and founder of the You-est You Podcast, which is now in over 175 countries with 300+ episodes and author of Get a PhD in YOU. Julie has been featured in Forbes magazine, MindBodyGreen, The Chopra Center, and Thrive Global. She is also a prominent teacher, course creator, and guide on the popular app Insight Timer and is on the faculty at Georgetown University in their graduate wellness coach program. To learn more about Julie and how she might support you on your You-est You journey, go to


The 4 Common Roadblocks For New Coaches

In this solo episode, I talked about the 4 most common roadblocks I’ve seen get in the way of new coaches getting traction and momentum when starting a coaching business. Whether you’re a coach, a creative, or an entrepreneur, you’ll probably identify with these roadblocks in your own career as well. After a decade of coaching leaders and entrepreneurs and teaching the art and skill of coaching to hundreds of students, and in my own coaching journey, I know what can get in the way of making a greater impact and growing your business. In this week’s episode, I’m pulling the curtain back on the four things to watch out for so that they don’t stop you from being your You-est You when starting a coaching business or entrepreneurial endeavor.


You Don’t Have To Have It All Together

Ok, my friend, let’s just get something straight. We are never going to have it all figured out. Life will never be perfect, and no matter how much personal growth work you do, you will not always have it all together. And that’s ok. Don’t let this be a reason that stops you from feeling like you can start a coaching business and be a mentor to others. One of the secrets is that as a coach, it’s never about you anyhow. In fact, what you are is an expert at learning how to listen at a deep level to help your client accomplish and align with their greatest desires and goals. In essence, you are helping them to be their best self or “You-est You.” Don’t let the trap of thinking you have to be perfect or have your life working perfectly get in the way of your coaching and making a greater impact. I shared a few tips on how to put this fear to bed. 


Don’t Downplay Your Worth

It’s easy, especially for newer coaches, to get cold feet when discussing pricing and money. This is one of the reasons I believe it’s crucial for coaches to invest their personal resources, time, and money in being coached. You have to know at a deep, cellular level the power of coaching. I worked with a coach years ago who literally changed my life with one powerful question. That question, and life pivot, was the impetus for my return to school to get a master’s degree in coaching and integrative wellbeing. While I strongly believe in being certified and trained in this work since it is not as easy as it seems and is not about giving advice, being an expert or a cheerleader, you need to value yourself and the training you did receive. By undercharging, you end up undervaluing your services and the value of this work. I share a few ways to shift your belief and own your worth when starting a coaching business so you overcome that roadblock and can make a greater impact.   


Overcoming The Fear of Visibility

A big roadblock I often see is the discomfort with being seen and putting yourself out there, be it through sending emails, sharing on social media, or any kind of marketing. The secret is becoming so in love with your ‘why’ that it supersedes any other fear of visibility. One of the ways to do this is to ask yourself this three-part question: Why is being a coach important to you, those you’re here to support and serve, and the world? Get clear on your why, put it on your favorite post-it wall or in your phone reminders, and marry your why. Putting yourself out there, and making yourself visible leads to making a greater impact. The two go hand in hand. 


Rebuilding Your Confidence

The best and most important way to build and expand your confidence as a coach is…wait for it…coaching! You need to continue practicing your craft and coaching as much as possible to utilize your coaching skills & training and boost your experience. When starting a coaching business, you must realize it takes time to build mastery. Don’t let being a new coach, or being out of practice, get in the way of your taking action to find new clients to coach. Even if it means starting pro-bono or at a lower rate as you rebuild your confidence muscle, the important thing is to get out there and share with your peers, friends, and community that you are eager to coach and support clients to design and live their best life. The more you coach, the more confidence you’ll have in knowing that this is miracle work and that it is just one less roadblock you have to overcome. Don’t ever forget that as a coach, you are in the miracle business, and I can’t imagine a better time for more miracles. 


Final Thought

Starting a coaching business can seem overwhelming. You might feel there are too many roadblocks keeping you from being the great success you dream of. But following these four pieces of advice will help you gain confidence in moving forward so you can get visible and make a greater impact.



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