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The Best Habit Hacks for a Healthy Life with Dr. Jaime Hope

Dr. Jaime Hope is an ER Physician at one of the busiest Level 1 Trauma Centers in the country. As a dual-Board Certified physician and Assistant Professor, she teaches Resilience, Confidence, and Healthy Habit creation and maintenance. She utilized her years of research and teaching about healthy habits to write her first book – Habit That!, which hit #1 Bestseller status in multiple categories on Amazon within 24 hours of release.
Dr. Hope is a keynote speaker and invited lecturer across the country on a variety of medical and health related topics. She has done Board Review educational courses, Grand Rounds, podcasts, press conferences, mastermind courses, radio and television appearances in addition to her many live audience sessions.
Dr. Hope facilitates corporate retreats, workshops, masterminds and summits to help participants improve productivity, engagement, and decrease absenteeism with healthy habit change, confidence and resilience. This methodology has been used at the United Nations, Facebook, The Cleveland Clinic, Clarke, Fairmont Steel, the United States Diary Industry and more! Dr. Hope recently helped with facilitation of a summit for the United States Army to improve inter-departmental collaboration. You can find out more about Dr. Hope at
Some important cliff-notes from such a powerful convo:
  1. Stress is not a bad thing, it gives you heightened vision, pain tolerance and strength. Decide if you are feeling overly stressed whether you want ‘stress hard’ release (punching a bag, hitting a pillow, breaking dishes, ligting weights) or ‘stress light’ release (yoga, oils and scents, low lighting, breathing and meditating, beautiful music). Use stress as your super power because it gives you super powers.
  2. There is not a one-size fits all eating plan. Use Dr. Hope’s nourishing vs. entertainment philosophy. Eat 70% of food that is nourishing and 30% that is entertaining. Ditch the guilt and shame, and if you’re in a binge-like space, go brush your teeth. Rarely will you want more cheetos after having toothaste mint in your mouth.
  3. Get rid of the junk food in your mind! Create new labels that you say to yourself, like ‘I am a healthy person’. Put the labels on post-its on your mirror, in your car, anywhere you’ll be reminded of this.

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