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The Greatest Yoga Music Ever with Wah!

Meet Wah!

Wah! is an accomplished musician, record label owner, mother, and one of the founders and leaders of today’s global yoga community. Wah! has spent over 25 years teaching and performing, helping people relax, improving their health, and learning about compassionate relationships. Her CDs have sold over 100,000 units worldwide; if you have taken a yoga class in the last 10 years, you have undoubtedly heard her music. In 2011 iTunes featured her with a compilation titled “Greatest Yoga Music Ever.” Her new book Self-Care: Building a Stronger, Smarter, More Peaceful Self brings people simple, effective ways to improve health and mood, manage stress, and prevent burnout and depression. She’s been featured in Ladies Home Journal, Mantra Yoga & Health Magazine, and Yoga International Magazine. 

If you’ve ever attended a yoga class or listened to meditation music, you have most likely heard Wah!’s visceral and transformational music. Wah! shared that her name has many meetings, including bliss and flower in Chinese, energy in Korean, and the concept of awe, as in ‘there’s nothing left to say’ in Hindi. Wah! embodies this beautiful blissful and transformative flower-like energy. I hope you enjoy the music and heart connection at the beginning and end of this episode. 

The Power of Humming

Did you know that humming is one of the most healing things you can do for your own vitality, energy, and body? Wah! explains that when you hum, you are naturally calibrating to your body and cells. We all have this innate ability to heal ourselves through the power of humming. Through humming, you lengthen your breath and activate your parasympathetic nervous system, which is the rest and digest aspect of your nervous system. Humming creates a natural soothing and calming down of your body and energy. 

All Energy Matters

Wah! explains that every organism operates at 70hz and that when there is an illness like cancer, research shows that one’s electrical energy can dip as low as 55hz. It is crucial to take care of, protect and honor your energy. You can use your attention to focus on different things that will help you to feel higher energy, like music, humming, appreciation, and self-care. Speaking of energy and frequency, she reminds us that we need to be mindful of all the intense energy we are surrounded by, such as our cell phones which can measure close to 1200 Mhz, and microwaves which also give off a lot of electromagnetic energy. 

You Can Give Yourself an Empowering New Name (like Wah!)

Just like Wah! taking on a name that motivates and uplifts her, you can do the same. Create a name you use to address yourself, like ‘Outrageously Loving’ or ‘Ambassador of Light’, or whatever might help you feel more connected to a way of being that truly empowers you. In case you were wondering what ‘Jai Ma’ means after listening to Wah!’s chanting on this episode, she explained that Jai means ‘wow’, or ‘oh my goodness’ and that sacred awe and ‘Ma’ means ‘mother’, ‘divine mother’, ‘mother nature’ and/or the ‘connection to the mother energy’.  

Final Thoughts

Wah! shares with us an overall sense of empowerment. From knowing how crucial it is to protect your energy and raise it in times of stress to assigning yourself a new empowering name. There is no time like the present to begin this energetic transformation for yourself. Check out her moving yoga music if you don’t already have it downloaded or saved to your playlist. 

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