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The Old Soul’s Guidebook with Ainslie MacLeod

Meet Ainslie MacLeod

Ainslie MacLeod is an internationally acclaimed past-life psychic, spiritual teacher, and award-winning author of The Instruction, The Transformation, and most recently, The Old Soul’s Guidebook. Ainslie specializes in exploring past lives to reveal your life’s purpose and has been a featured guest on Oprah’s SuperSoul Conversations Series. He lives on a tranquil island in the Pacific Northwest. 

The Instruction has been one of my favorite books, one I’ve come back to many times, and has helped me better understand why some people crave a certain kind of rigidity, control, or safety in their life. What I’ve loved is that it’s not about judging anyone or anything, yet rather, as Ainslie explains in his book and this conversation, it’s about better knowing your own soul age and your soul’s plan for this lifetime. If you’re tuning in, we already established that you are most likely a pretty old soul. Anyone listening to this podcast would be, by definition, in the old soul category, as so much of my interviews are about connecting to your higher self and spiritual connection. This is a conversation most old souls are having…with one another and with oneself. Welcome, old soul, to this powerful convo that I hope will expand your thinking and way of being, especially right now.


Are You An Old Soul

In The Instruction, Ainslie MacLeod reviews the ten soul ages in great detail. In this talk, he explains that the first five soul levels are what he’d consider the ‘young soul years’, which is really about learning, lessons in building community, exploring, and typically are connected more to fear. After you cross over soul age 5, the soul levels of 6 – 10 are considered old souls and are all about learning how to live in love. By definition of old soul, they are tuned to introspection, spiritual connection, and working on self and creativity. 

The younger your soul age is, the more fear-based your life will be. The more lives you’ve lived, the more comfortable you are with soul-based living and experiencing uncertainty. Ainslie explains that we chose our personalities and life plan of who we are and why we’re here, on the astral plane, before coming to earth. You might ask, what is the astral plane? He describes it as the nearest non-physical plane and dimension where the soul leaves the body or before it comes into a body. We live now on the physical plane, but we choose our life plan on the astral plane. Our spirit guardians also live in this astral plane. See below to learn more about the spirit world. 


Connecting to the Spirit World

Think of the spirit world as your team of support, in the non-physical world, ready and eager to guide you 24/7. All you have to do is ask and, as Ainslie says, use them to support you on your journey. If you have a question for your spirit guide, it’s helpful to verbalize it by writing it out to them. I’ve been doing this for years, and it is beyond powerful as it has helped me personally access greater wisdom beyond what my mind can come up with. We live lives that are so noisy, so you will need to bring in tranquility and a ritual of stillness to start bringing in the ability to hear and commune with the spirit world. The veil becomes thinner as you experience more lives, as the soul and conscious mind are fused. 


The Soul of our Country

I found this answer to be fascinating and frankly rang true with my own soul and inner knowing. Ainslie MacLeod described our country (the US) as being the 5 soul age and level of consciousness, meaning we’re still in a fear-based consciousness but moving to level 6, which is characteristically changing to an older soul experience of life. You could think of Fox News as the quintessential level 5. Typically younger souls are more conservative, and older souls tend to be more progressive. Countries that are considered older soul-based are the Scandanavian countries. They are the definition of old soul, where their focus is mainly on the good of the community and people, focusing on humanitarian service. The more fundamental-based countries would be younger soul-based. 


Be an Ambassador of Love

In simple terms, we are all doing the best we can in our varying soul levels, wanting to experience and learn the fundamental lessons of peace, love, and truth. I use this affirmation every day, and Ainslie confirmed it for me when he said, in simple terms, declare that you are an ambassador of love. That is my hope for you and all of us, to embody this soul-based living, this ambassadorship of love, and peace, with ourselves and our soul brothers and sisters. 


Final Thoughts

As part of The Old Soul’s Guidebook, Ainslie MacLeod tells us how tapping into our old soul’s experiences will lead to not only a more fulfilling life for ourselves but our country and planet. Soul-based living is, in essence, the definition of old soul. Stepping outside of fear-based living and tuning into the old soul aspect of who you truly are will help move the consciousness of our country and planet forward. 

Sacred Connection

As always, this community is a sacred, safe place built on love and acceptance. It was created to help you evolve and expand into your highest self. Please share your wisdom, comments, thoughts. I love hearing from you and learning how you are being your truest, you-est you. Please join us in our Facebook group The You-est You Community for Soul Seekers

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