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The Secret To Manifesting Your Goals

Meet Eric Konovalov

Eric founded The Goal Guide, a renowned training organization specializing in sales, leadership, communication, and mindset. He is also the creator of Relentless Goal Achievers, a private group coaching community for business leaders worldwide. Despite humble beginnings as a refugee from the former USSR, he proudly served in the U.S. Marine Corps for 8 years, earning numerous awards and deployments. Transitioning to civilian life, Eric excelled in sales and leadership roles, consistently surpassing revenue goals and earning accolades. Motivated to share his expertise, Eric founded The Goal Guide to provide coaching and training services to entrepreneurs and sales organizations worldwide. With a strong foundation in personal development and leadership training, he empowers teams to achieve their goals and has a reputation for delivering exceptional results. Eric’s journey from a challenging background to entrepreneurial success makes him a compelling mentor and leader in the industry.

Today, we’re diving deep into the exciting world of goal setting, manifestation, and personal growth. Get ready to unleash your potential, tune into the law of attraction, and live the life you’ve always dreamed of!

Eric was one of my earlier coaching clients back in 2015, and we worked together to help him design a life, and mainly a career, that he loved and that loved him back. Through the power of gratitude, intuitive journaling, and a willingness to redesign the stories he was telling himself, Eric has since created a thriving business that is focused on helping people to achieve their goals and dreams.

Episode Highlights:

1. Pushing Boundaries, Embracing Growth: It’s time to break free from self-imposed limitations! Discover how pushing boundaries leads to immense personal growth and empowers you to achieve the seemingly impossible.

2. The Law of Attraction Unveiled: Have you ever wondered why some people effortlessly attract success while others struggle? In this episode, we unravel the secrets of the Law of Attraction.

3. Gratitude: The Key to Abundance: Gratitude is not just a fleeting emotion; it’s a powerful tool to unlock abundance in your life. Join us as we explore the profound impact of gratitude on your well-being and how cultivating this attitude can attract more of what you desire.

4. Living Your Dream Life: You deserve to live a life filled with joy and purpose. Working with a life coach and becoming a life coach helped Eric to manifest his dream life. This episode will inspire you to take actionable steps toward living the life of your dreams.

5. Your Goals are Possible: You need to stop thinking about what isn’t possible and realize that you are unlimited potential in human form.

Takeaways and Action Points:

Learn to set goals that challenge and inspire you to grow beyond your comfort zone.

Understand the principles of the Law of Attraction and how to harness its power to manifest your dreams.

Cultivate gratitude as a daily practice to attract abundance and positive experiences.

Embrace actionable steps to start living the life you’ve always dreamed of.

Basic Principles of the Law of Attraction:

A review for those of you who might need a law of attraction refresher.

1.Thoughts Become Things: The Law of Attraction is based on the belief that your thoughts have a powerful influence on your reality. Positive thoughts attract positive outcomes, while negative thoughts may manifest negative experiences.

2. Energy and Vibration: Everything in the universe is made up of energy, and each thought and emotion carries its unique vibration. When you emit positive vibrations through your thoughts and emotions, you are more likely to attract positive experiences.

3. Focus and Intention: The Law of Attraction emphasizes the importance of focusing on what you want to manifest in your life rather than dwelling on what you don’t want. By setting clear intentions and maintaining a positive focus, you align yourself with the desired outcomes.

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