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The Spiritual Entrepreneur with Steve Nobel

Meet Steve Nobel

Steve Ahnael Nobel is the author of 6 non-fiction books; the two most recent are a free Ebook entitled ‘Starseeds.’ And The Spiritual Entrepreneur. He was a director of a not-for-profit spiritual organization called Alternatives (based in St. James’s Church, Piccadilly, London W1) for 13 years, leaving on the Winter Solstice of 2012. Subsequently, he began his own healing and awakening work. He has created a healing system called Soul Matrix Healing for Starseeds. He has created a library of free resources, including meditations and transmission to help Starseeds which are freely available on his website and YouTube channel. These meditations and transmissions are played all over the world, and so far, the platform has over 135K subscribers. 

We talked about Starseeds, Steve’s newest book, The Spiritual Entrepreneur, and reviewed spiritual practices, the laws of manifestation, and how to get in your highest vibrational flow. Definitely keep listening to the whole episode as Steve leads us in an amazing money manifestation meditation.

So What Is A Starseed?

Starseeds, as depicted in the book The Law of One, are wandering souls who are multidimensional and from other planetary systems. Starseeds often have a wake-up call or point in their life where they are suddenly awakened to a greater reality that doesn’t fit their current reality. I’ll share I’ve certainly experienced this a few times in my life. They don’t like authority, often feel they don’t fit in or belong, and have a strong ascension purpose, which is about moving from darkness to greater light on this planet. We are in a time right now of moving into the 5th density, which is a vibrational force and new consciousness here on this planet. Starseeds are all about helping to shift this consciousness and changing the paradigm of growth through suffering to abundance, freedom, and ease. Curious if after reading this, you feel you are a Starseed? Let me know. I’d love to hear your insights!

Waking Up The Planet

As mentioned earlier, a key sign of a Starseed (often spiritual entrepreneurs) is feeling asleep at the wheel of life and then having a major wake up encounter in their life-be it a career change, divorce, health crisis, or religious confusion. Starseeds also notoriously have a big vision, in service to others, and want to change things. They talk freely about vibration, angels, and manifestation and come by this kind of discussion as though it’s their first language. Steve Nobel reminds us Starseeds to embrace our weirdness, as this is your unique gift — “your weirdness is your brilliance.”  

How To Manifest More Money

Steve Nobel & I talked a lot about manifesting money and remembering that money is just energy. Energy can be moved by consciousness. Thus so can money. That is just part of the idea behind his book Spiritual Entrepreneur. Steve shared a powerful affirmation to build your relationship with money: “I am 100% open, deserving, and willing and worthy of accumulating all forms of wealth in my life.” He reminded us of the quote by Wayne Dyer that states the one grand lie in life — that the only limits we have, are the ones we believe. It’s time to expand all limits about money and what’s possible.

The Key Beliefs for Manifesting and Wealth

  1. The Universe is abundant
  2. The Universe wants me to prosper.
  3. All prosperity starts with belief.
  4. Money is an abstraction and is not real.
  5. Money is energy.
  6. Money has no intelligence of its own.
  7. Money will respond to the instructions you give it.
  8. Money needs to be valued.
  9. You must value money and it demands your attention.
  10. Money is vibration (and high vibration at that).

If you are anxious about money, you are in a lower vibration. A place to look first is how to become more grounded and higher vibration about money. Oftentimes money issues are about a lack of balance of feminine and masculine energy. 


Final Thoughts

Steve Nobel shares that his new book Spiritual Entrepreneur is about unfolding the beliefs regarding how to move the energy of money to manifest it more fully in your life. His core beliefs can easily be used as affirmations in your day-to-day life. If you want more information regarding Starseeds, visit his website

Sacred Connection

As always, this community is a sacred, safe place built on love and acceptance. It was created to help you evolve and expand into your highest self. Please share your wisdom, comments, and thoughts. I love hearing from you and learning how you are being your truest, you-est you. Please join us in our Facebook group The You-est You Community for Soul Seekers

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