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Tips from an expert on up leveling your health and energy with Maggie Berghoff

Maggie Berghoff is a functional medicine nurse practitioner-turned-health entrepreneur who owns a luxury health consulting business and optimizes the health of celebrities, performers, athletes, and executives. She guides clients to boost daytime energy and sleep quality, eliminate nagging symptoms, and up-level their daily habits to create a body and mind for peak performance. She is also the creator of a high-level mastermind for health and wellness enthusiasts and clinicians, who are looking to create a profitable virtual health consulting business, in record time. Find out more about Maggie and her amazing services at
Ummmm, all I can say is hoping you listen to this whole interview. Maggie knows her stuff and shared some incredible wisdom about how to manage and have more energy and restore your health. She has personally reversed her autoimmune condition and is now helping so many people to heal. Check out these tips to start implementing now.
Things We Learned From This Episode

  1. Your body wants to heal. Give it time and enough sleep to do so. More on sleep shortly…
  2. Toxins from makeup, food, cleaning supplies, the air you breathe all build up and can add to your body not functioning as well and symptoms like grogginess, exhaustion, bloating, hair loss, etc.
  3. Keep it simple with food and choose real food whenever possible. For example, if you can choose between rolled oats or a granola bar, choose the rolled oats. Same goes for apples vs. apple chips or an apple strip. Choose the apple. Alwyas go organic whenever you can.
  4. If you’re looking to start a business, hire a mentor to show you the ropes.
  5. If you are experiencing symptoms like being tired, groggy, bloated and exhausted, do NOT do a detox. The time to do a detox is after you’ve built up your body’s energy and experienced healing (usually 5 – 6 months). Instead, find a functional medical practitioner who can work with you and do a blood test to see what’s going on with your body
  6. Stay in alignment with the circadian rythym, which is a fancy way of saying that you want to time your sleep with the sun. Rise when the sun is up (not before, if you can help it), get outside right away instead of looking at your phone, get more sun light in the afternoon and before sunset. The sun moosts your melatonin, which helps with sleeping and repair.

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