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Who Do You Think You Are? with Julie Reisler

Meet Julie Reisler

Julie Reisler is a master life coach with over ten years of coaching experience and a master’s degree in health & wellness coaching. Julie is the founder of the Life Designer Coach Academy, a coach mastery training certification program, host and founder of the You-est You® Podcast, with close to 300 episodes, and author of Get a PhD in YOU. Julie has been featured in Forbes magazine, MindBodyGreen, The Chopra Center, and Thrive Global. She is also a prominent teacher, course creator, and guide on the popular app Insight Timer and is on the faculty at Georgetown University in their coaching program. To learn more about Julie’s coach mastery training, go to, and to see how she might support you on your You-est You journey, go to

It’s Time To Wake Up

In this episode, I turned the tables and flipped the script. Spiritual luminary and friend Steve Nobel interviewed me all about the topic of imposter syndrome, self-doubt, and working through that inner critic voice that says, “Who do you think you are?” I share quite vulnerably about my story of struggling with food addiction, people-pleasing, stuffing emotions down with food and denial, and learning how to truly tap into my higher self. This episode is about waking up to your divinity, your inner guidance, building self-trust, and the deep desires that are here to be expressed for a reason. 

Who Were You At Age 7?

The clues to who you really are and what you truly desire can be found in what you imagined, dreamed of, and played with at a younger age. Sit back and ask yourself, what did you love to do when you were seven years old? What did you find fun, exciting, engaging, and energizing? Within the playfulness you experienced as a child lies the bread crumbs that can lead to who you really are. I shared about how I constantly imagined a camera crew around me as I was interviewing guests and talking about whatever I loved at the moment — chocolate chip cookies, pudding pops, ballet, or drawing and trading Lisa Frank stickers. I could imagine people tuning in and finding joy from these conversations and interviews. Today I have a show where I interview leaders, experts, and spiritual luminaries who share wisdom and lessons learned. So much of what I’m doing feels aligned with my little girl’s dreams. Look to see what you are doing now and if there are aspects of your younger self showing up. If not, see how you can start bringing in this part of you and honoring your deeper desires, joy, and calling. 

Who Do You Think You Are?

In Tara Brach’s new book, Trusting the Gold: Learning to Nurture Your Inner Light, she reminds us that inherently we are all made of the same goodness and that it’s important to learn how to trust this inner light and goodness from within. This is the year to be kinder to yourself and speak to yourself with compassion, grace, and loving-kindness to quiet your inner critic and develop a sense of self-trust. Just as Tara shared about her practice of reminding herself to ‘soften the edge’, which helped her heal from an illness with ease, you also can speak to yourself in a way that can create calm, tenderness, and support. Maybe you start to call yourself something loving like ‘sweetheart’, ‘darling’ or ‘beautiful’. Choose something that feels kind and comforting, and remember to see the goodness that always lives within you. The answer to this is not where you think it is. Look deeper, look inward, look into your heart. Your ego, bless your cute ego, is really trying to keep you safe, protected, and free from hurt. Your ego will put on the Imposter Syndrome costume, making you feel that you are unworthy or unable to do what it is you truly desire. My recommendation is not to ever condemn or shame yourself or your ego. Instead, notice when your ego says things like in the imposter syndrome family like “I’m a fraud” or “They’re going to find out I’m not as good as they think”, or something else that’s mean and untrue and creates self-doubt. Observe this ego-fear-based dialogue and remember that this isn’t the truth of you. The truth of you is a higher consciousness that is connected to the greater source of joy, love, full self-expression, and wisdom. 

Take Off The Mask of Imposter Syndrome

The best way to take off your imposter syndrome mask is to raise your awareness. To do this, you’ve got to start adding daily time to be quiet. Any kind of meditation works, although I’m personally a fan of transcendental meditation because it requires no effort and is all about being in stillness, with your mantra, and allows for your brain to get into the healing alpha wave state. But however you find time to be silent and breathe, it will increase your awareness and consciousness. This slowing down and deeper inner connection will help you to notice when your inner critic starts to say things that make you feel like a fraud, doubtful, unworthy or lets self-doubt creep in. Once you can see this from a place of being an observer, you will be able to disconnect from feeling this part of you. You’ll learn how to be compassionate to this ego-based part of you that is simply afraid. Just like you wouldn’t shame a crying baby, you can learn to be compassionate with this part of you crying for greater awareness and begin to lean into self-trust. Remember, your true essence, your You-est You, is a unique expression of the Divine, of love, of wellbeing, of joy and of expansion.


Looking To Help Others Know Who They Are and Design Their Best Life?

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Sacred Connection

As always, this community is a sacred, safe place built on love and acceptance. It was created to help you evolve and expand into your highest self. Please share your wisdom, comments, and thoughts. I love hearing from you and learning how you are being your truest, you-est you. Please join us in our Facebook group The You-est You® Community for Soul Seekers

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